cleaning glass tiles in shower

susyqwolfJanuary 7, 2011

I have a new shower surrounded by glass tiles. What products should I use to clean the soap scum and water spots on my glass tiles? Thanks.

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We have a glass tile backsplash in our kitchen. I don't baby it (my backsplash over the range sometimes needs a thorough cleaning after using the oven esp after roasting using the convection fan or cooking at high temps, and I've thrown everything from BKF, to Dawn Power Dissolver, to OxyClean, etc., at it to clean the residual grease and discoloration, and the tile looks pretty much brand new). Outside of avoiding cleansers that might scratch the tile itself, or anything that might degrade the grout (Bill V. has said to avoid bleach or bleach-containing products because they will do something to the grout or sealer, or both--I forget!), I've used different products and the tile is fine--no scratches, no cloudiness, no etching.

I would think you could use most bathroom cleaners safely (when in doubt, always test on leftover tile or in an inconspicuous spot on your wall). Glass tile isn't porous (or as porous) as other types of tile (no need to seal glass tile, I've been told), so should be ok with whatever product(s) you use to clean your shower floor and sink.

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Try to use only liquid soap or possibly Dove. Almost all bar soap contains animal fat as a filler/binder and that causes most of the scum. Also, towell off the shower whenever you can. Do these things and it will greatly reduce the cleaning chore.

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