Antique Mason Canning Jars

PACHEF49July 2, 2011

I am wondering if any of the 1200 Mason Jars I have are worth any money.

I have

Most of what I have are clear glass and they are Atlas, Ball, Kerr and Presto Quarts size

Some of the Jars are Bicennital 1776 Jars, some have a fruit design on them, I have several types of decorative Jars as well and I even have some Mayo Jar with ball written on the bottom of Jars.

Some of the Jars have different wording on them does that mean anything as to how old they might be?

How do u find out which one are Valuable n where can I take them to get Appraised?

Are there any special marking I should look for that would help to find out how old they are?

Is there a site online where I might be able to submit photos to find out the value of these Jars?

Please feel free to send me any info to my private email

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Ebay has some 500+ listings for "vintage Mason jars". Antique is stretching it, I think.

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage mason jars

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Mason jars were first made in 1850s....that's antique by my book. But the trouble is they carried that patent date into the 1900s, so the only way to tell is by how the jar was made.
There are many books and web sites that will educate you on the history of canning jars.

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I'm still using canning jars older than this. LOL. If you have the really old or with the bails on them, they are collectable but anything newer is of interest mainly to people who can. Have you looked at the price of them lately? I haunt auctions, kids cleaning out granny's estate sales, and Goodwill for cheap jars. You'll have to educate yourself if you have any collectable ones and set them aside to sell as novelties.....and the rest should fetch a decent price (since new ones are about a dollar apiece) if broken down into lots and sold to folks who need to use them. I prolly have at least 500 jars and will still buy more in a good canning year.

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Here's one site that's quite informative.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dating Ball Jars

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Here's another ball jar collector message board.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ball Jar Collector Message Board

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you may want to check out (or purchase) this book: --last time I checked it was rather expensive.

Some newer clear jars can be valuable to collectors, some blue jars you can't give away to a serious collector (but you can sell them for $5 all day long to a bride having a wedding, go figure).

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