Looking for a Good Foundation for Mature Skin

katie56April 15, 2007

Any recommendations would be welcome. I have normal/dry skin with some redness.

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Not to bring up the Bare Essentials name again, but it has truly solved my problems, and I also have very mature skin. I'm fortunate in that I don't have any allergic reactions to it. B.E. hides large pores and blemishes, doesn't crease into wrinkles, and generally smooths out one's "look", at least in my experience. I buy mine either on QVC or at Sephora, if I'm visiting a large city.

My feeling about mature skin is that the less heavy the makeup, the better your skin looks. A good concealer plus the right powder should be enough. I also finally bothered to learn to apply blusher with a brush and that's helped also.

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I love Jane Iredale mineral make up. It doesn't cake in the lines on my face. When I wear it, my skin feels like I'm not wearing any make up. I get it here: http://www.dermstore.com/profile_Jane+Iredale_100098.htm

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I've been happy with Neutrogena Visibly Even and with Clinique Soft Finish. (The Clinique runs about $20 in dept. stores.) Be sure to take good care of your skin as far as sunscreen, nighttime moisturizing, exfoliating, etc.

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I've got foundation on my shopping list for today; I was thinking of trying clinique this time. I'd love to find something in a plastic tube for travelling; most foundations come in glass bottles.

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I ended up getting Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, it comes in a rather small flat tube ( which is what I wanted); it better be good, I'll report on it later.

The girl tried to sell me a tube of primer which is designed to wear after your moisturizer and before the foundation, she claims it helps the foundation stay put all day. I am always skeptical of buying an additional product; she gave me a small sample pot so I'll see if the claims are true.

I believe in primer for my walls, but for my face ?

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My skin is mature but I have to wear oil free makeup on most days due to Rosacea and huge pores. But if my skin was drier and I wasn't so sensitive, I would consider Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Cream Foundation. I tried some on one day and my skin looked great. It created a very nice smooth,refined and radiant look. It sort of glided over lines and wrinkles and covered pores and redness very well. I loved how it looked but didn't like how it felt after awhile(just alittle heavy for my particular skin). I was afraid that it might clog my pores after awhile. I totally recommend it for others though. I think it would work well for many people. It seems very luxurious for a drugstore foundation. Another good drugstore foundation worth a try is Cover Girl TruBlend Whipped Cream Foundation.

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Well, I have tried lash primer and it did work pretty well. :) Mitch - how did you like that new foundation you tried?

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I used to use Prescriptives foundation because it felt quite light. Now I am using Bare Escentuals and it feels much lighter yet. I use BE under my eyes and brush it on with their special concealer brush, and so just the foundation covers my circles, but you have to use the concealer brush.

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boopa, I love the texture of the laura mercier foundation, it's soft and silky and feels great; it is quite opaque so I have to use much less or else I look painted, which happened the first time I used it.
As for the primer cream, I think it does it's job but the foundation stays put without it so I won't buy it; I dislike being sold an additional product, the foundation should have built in primer, imo.... multiple selling !!

I remember years ago buying a lancome sunblock and the salesperson was insisting I needed pre-sun cream and post-sun cream, what ??????
When I questioned her on the benefits of all those creams, there was no logic in her explanation. I just said; ok then, I'll pay for the sunblock, please.

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Good to know. I am looking for something different. those minerals just aren't cutting it as I get older. :) thanks for the info!

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I have been using Armani for about3 years now. Its pricey but a little goes a long way. I only have to buy it twice a year.
I use the lumious silk one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Armani

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I use the Prescriptives "virtual skin". It's a light weight formula so it doesn't feel heavy. I've also got a tube of the laura mercier tinted moisturzier which is pretty nice also.

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About two years ago I read about Geuerlain on makeupalley.com, so I stopped at Bloomies and tried some. I hope I always have the money to buy it, it's terrific. Glides on like silk, somehow covers my red cheeks & nose without looking like I'm wearing makeup. I'm 53, with fair and sensitive skin. Divinora Silky-smooth Foundation, semi-matte, spf12, rose naturel 230. Last time I bought it through strawberrynet.com at $48.00. Lasts 6-8 months.

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I also like the Laura Mercier foundation. I use the moisturizing formula. You need very little because it covers well. I also use the concealer and setting powder, which has a mineral base. It all feels very smooth and silky on your skin and it doesn't make you appear as if you have a lot of makeup on.

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I've been wearing the laura mercier silk creme foundation for a month now and I love it; I apply it very thinly though; just enough to even out my blotchy cheeks.

I might get it in a darker color now that summer is here and I'd like to look tanner; the color I got is quite pale, like my own color.

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I've been using Chantecaille Future Skin oil free gel foundation for about three years now--it's very, very light and so luminous.

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My skin tends to get a bit oily, so the products I use wouldn't be of much help. (Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse or L'oreal True Match) However - most companies make formulations for different skin types. L'oreal now has a line targeted for 40-something, 50-something, and 60-something. I was in the local drug store recently, and the cosmetics manager gave me some samples - of the 60-something moisturizer! I'm 41. Poor dear. She must have been all of 20 so to her, everyone looks older. I tried the moisturizer and it was a bit too heavy for me, so it might work very well for dryer skin. I know you're looking for foundation, and they also make a foundation for the same age-category.

And a couple of people mentioned that the really expensive, department store cosmetics are a waste of money. I used to work for Estee Lauder, and know for a fact that many of their products were manufactured by exactly the same factories, using exactly the same ingredients (with the possible exception of some added fragrance) as the drug store brands. You're paying for the fancy glass bottles and extra packaging. (at least this was a number of years ago. I kind of think things are still pretty much the same) I work as an actress, and they really do use Max Factor drug-store makeup on film sets. After all, Max Factor invented makeup for use in the film industry, including the first waterproof mascara. The stuff just works!

Good luck to you.

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I have been using Merle Norman Timeless Age-Defying (I wish!) foundation for years. It covers well, and has a dew-y finish. After reading posts on this forum, I tried Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, and I love it! It covers well, leaves a matte finish, and looks "just-applied" all day. You can apply it with a dampened sponge, using very little foundation. But my best makeup secret is to moisturize with Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Cream just before applying my foundation. That cream works wonders with my dry skin!

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@playsinthedirt you are right about 11 companies actually all manufacture out of the same warehouse (I was shocked when I heard this).
As far as foundation far as picking foundation, the key is make sure your skin is well taken care of first, or else foundation, no matter what the brand, will not look good.

After that most of my clients with mature skin really like a cream foundation (I recommend one of the anti-aging ones) followed by a powder to set it. I also have another client who felt that when she wore foundation her nose looked scaly, I suggested she use a mineral foundation and she absolutely loves it!

In the end, choosing foundation can be a daunting task and trial and error sometimes is the only way to truly find what works best for you.

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