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lydia1959April 18, 2004

There are a lot of new foundations out and I went out and bought 4 to try since I was looking to replace my Cover Girl Aquasmooth whose lightest shade is too dark for my fair skin. I have normal skin with some oily and dry patches, am prone to acne and have a lot of large pores and a really splotchy skin tone. First I tried Cover Girl's TruBlend in Ivory. At first it looked way too light, but as it dried it matched my skin tone well. If you try this, put it on and wait about 5 minutes for it to "set". It seemed to wear well, looks natural, but didn't offer me the coverage I needed. Next I purchased Maybelline Everfresh makeup in Buff, which is a little dark for me but the next lightest shade that my Walmart carried looked like it would be too light. It wears very well, provides medium coverage and does look "fresh" all day. If I could find a good color match, I'd buy this again. Next I tried the L'Oreal True Match in W2, lots and lots of color choices in this, but I found it didn't have the staying power that I need. A few hours of laundry and housecleaning left me looking like I hadn't applied makeup at all. My last foundation was L'Oreal Visible Lift in soft Ivory. This is a extra coverage makeup which blends in very well. It covered my skin discoloration, didn't emphasis my large pores, lasts most of the day. My only complaint is it's overly dewy finish. Over all I really like the finished look it gives me. I think this is my new foundation!

Anyone else try any new foundations and want to share your thoughts?

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Gee, Lydia, I guess folks here don't wear foundation!

I don't wear it. I used to wear it on occasion but I have a problem with anything on my skin causing comedones (little white bumps). I used to like the matte-type foundations as I tend towards oily, but as I get older (I'm mid-40s now) I noticed my skin and even my scalp are getting drier.

I also liked pancake makeup - the old fashioned Max Factor one you wet a sponge and put on. I was able to control how much I used and it had a nice smooth, matte finish.

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I wear it and I'm out right now...I might try the Everfresh since it would be easier to pick up close to me. I currently use Clinique but have to go to the darn mall to get it. I hate malls!

I have been using my bronzer since I ran out of foundation, and my husband keeps telling me I look "shiny". hehe.

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I have been wanting to visit the mall's makeup counter and get a free consultation. I used to wear Translucide but since they've discontinued that and every other foundation I"ve ever liked, I"m desperate and want something that I know will work. I'm tired of trying numerous bottles only to have to return them, or not buy them at all because the store won't take back a used product. I just don't need three bottles of unusable foudation lying around, I guess! You pay more at the makeup counter, but you (usually) get expert advice on color matching and don't need to buy the product if you don't want to. I've taken testers home before that, when used sparingly, could at least last me a week's worth (which at the rate I'm going I could stretch out to a month! LOL)

Weed, how do y ou like Clinique? I wore Tient Idole by Lancome for my wedding and thought it looked ok although they applied it a bit too heavy (again, went for the makeup consultation the day of my wedding - got my makeup done for free!) I thought about trying Estee Lauder just becuase I love her perfumes. So sad, a pioneer in the cosmetics industry has passed on. What a genius she was!

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Just yesterday I bought Loreal Age Perfect makeup. I have to tell you, I can be somewhat of a makeup "snob" as far as drugstore brands go, but I'm really impressed so far. It seems to just disappear on my skin and never looks slick. It doesn't feel like I have a coat of product on my skin at all. Then again, this is only my 2nd day, so I'll let you know if I change my mind!

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