Looking to get an idea of value on cottage furniture

TyDurdenJuly 21, 2014

We've been clearing out the cabin and we have everything from vintage dressers, tables, beds, cribs, high chairs, and a map chest.

Any help you would offer as to anything with significant value would be appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful: Picture Slideshow

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For starters ... where are you?

Check your local Craigslist and consigment shops to see what the going proces are.

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I'm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, just east of Marquette. I've looked and it's tough to gauge, so that's why I turned to some of the knowledgeable people here. Thanks again. I appreciate your assistance.

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It's tough to see what you have because of the clutter ... and very few people will be motivated to go through 55 pictures. I know I wasn't.

Start educating yourself by going through various websites on "furniture styles" ... it's actually pretty easy.

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Get an expert to tell you the value of the gun. The place is mostly filled with junk, in my inexpert opinion. I know tureens can sell for a pretty penny. The twin bed set reminds me of one in my parent's home bought in the 1930s.

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There were three or four pieces I found interesting, the rest.........not so much. The dark highboy dresser, the first dresser, the larger bed with the patterned footboard, and definitely the wooden highchair and the trunk, the gun...........maybe.........the tureen perhaps. It is just an eclectic collection of furniture, much like my folks put in their vacation cottage on the river. There are other things collectors of certain memorabilia might find interesting and spring a nice bit of coin for but I'm not into that sort of stuff so much as furniture. The old photograph perhaps. Just browsing the pics, if you had a tag sale, I'd maybe offer on five or six pieces I'd put in my own house.

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Glass with milkglass bottom & pink ruffle with handle-look up on line also the bowl with green & pinkish inside with milkglass outside, very desirable if in excellent condition, the tureen if original & not repo. GE fan if works well is worth hanging on to even tho it has some value as it is less wattage than todays stuff so running it will save you money but high up away from little hands that can get hurt. Stack of bedframes? any iron ones they are valuable otherwise doubt any worth, I remember some of that from 40's-60's as far as furniture goes. That folding highchair is interesting & worth finding out more about. The crib is probably considered dangerous you would have to measure between slats as against law to sell if not narrow enough as baby's head could get caught. The oil lamp could be worth something but can't see it well enough. The knick-knacks on bookshelf look like probably from Japan.

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People are interested in snowshoes as wall art. The antique carved bed is pretty, but hard to sell full sized beds these days. Some of the dressers and chests are nice. Check Craig's list in your area for prices, and go to consignment shops with pictures of your furniture and accessories. Is that a ruffed grouse or a quail on the mantel? I like it, as well as the transfer ware tureen.

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Lots of interesting stuff you have, BUT you REALLY need to sort your treasures.. & DECLUTTER !!

Hard to see furniture when it's covered with stuff. Contact a local antique dealer with some pics & go from there. Lots of luck & wish I lived closer to snap up some of your treasures!

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Ty: Could you give me more info on the gun? Condition of barrel, rifling, rust, any maker ID, etc. The butt has some damage, but could be overlooked depending on other factors.

You have some lovely pieces there. The green 'buffet' next to that antique bed happens to be a Duncan Phyfe. Refinished, it could fetch a nice price.

The child's high chair would be popular with antique doll collectors.

Give me a few days and I will work on some of the other furniture. You DO have some very nice antique pieces. If you are not residing in the house, I would remove the gun.

You do need some better pics of the gun and smaller items. Take some time and photograph the bottoms of the glass pieces that look like they are old. Up close pics work well.

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I agree with the gun, move to a safe locationâ¦there doesn't seem to be much desire for many of the furniture pieces today, but contacting or advert. on Craig's List for items for a shabby chic painted treatment might get you some responses.

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I doubt any of the lovely glass pieces are marked on bottom. Fenton had paper labels for years. Many makers didn't mark them & Tiffany looks a lot different(usually marked) The stem sticking out on oil lamp may give you some info as sometimes had makers name. If that is a Duncan Phyfe piece don't refinish!! That doesn't go over well with true antique buffs.

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Well I enjoyed the tour. Yes, there is a lot of "junk" but I saw some stuff I really liked. Maybe cause I have similar stuff. Just wanted to let you know not all value is monetary. Thanks for the memories.

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The GE electric fan is old.

Neck yoke for carrying loads: Cracker Barrel resturants are intrested in items like this. They operate a warehose that stores items like this that are used to decorate their resturants. Contact their buyer.

Take the gun to the sporitng good store, Cabala, for an appraisal.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

The silhouette pictures are hot right now. Most things would sell well at a tag sale. I see several pieces of furniture I would like but most are painted and stripping adds too much money and labor to the cost.

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