Pitcher drinks?

coryApril 26, 2005

Howdy! We're moving cross country in a few weeks and can't move our "likker" We're planning on having a huge bash to help get rid of the good stuff (whiskey, gin, tequila, rum, vodka) and I'd like to just make pitchers of all kinds of drinks rather than individual drinks. I am not a bartender..I had a book called Pitcher Drinks (or some other..) but alas, it's packed and in storage. Help! Cory

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Well what comes to mind is a pitcher of margaritas....buy a mix and add tequila...
I wouldn't make pitchers of lots of stuff....as once you mix it you have to drink it....drunk or not!
I'd make margaritas.....maybe some sort of rum drink....and have ice and a few fixins for the rest.
Lots of recipes at the site below.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: drinks

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i recently asked for ideas about this myself (another forum site, not here). Someone directed me to idrink.com.

Link below.

but i'll check back here for some ideas.

A friend of mine had a party where she just printed up drink recipies (on fun decorated index cards she made, covered with clear contact paper so when they get wet you can still read the recipie) and left them on the drink table for guests to try. It was a great time.

All you have to get are the supplimentals (soda, juice, etc).


Here is a link that might be useful: drink recipie site

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Why can't you move your liquor?

When I moved from New York to San Diego the movers just wrapped and packed it along with the rest of my kitchen stuff.

It arrived just fine.

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