Make mint juleps with peppermint extract?

sandyintampaApril 29, 2006

I plan to make mint juleps this weekend for a crowd, and don't believe I'll have enough fresh mint. Has anyone used peppermint extract or another substitute? If so, do you have a recipe to share?

And...what bourbon do you prefer?

Thank you!

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I wish I could give you some!!
Doesn't take a lot....just a sprig per julep.
I am not a bourboney bourbon I prefer a blended Canadian Club!!LOL! But Jim Beam works and isn't a fortune.
Muddle 1/2 tsp of sugar with a sprig of mint and about 1 tsp water in the bottom of a glass.....fill with chrushed ice and fill with bourbon and top with another sprig.
Drink slowly....because they will put you on your ear!
Linda C

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Linda C. and everyone else who keeps saying "no": The problem is that not EVERYONE can get fresh mint leaves. It is not often sold in my local market and when it is, it's usually sold out.

Then don't even get me started about when I lived in Alaska (I was in Alaska when I first joined this forum, but had a different user name). It was hardly offered up there and when it was, it was so expensive that I couldn't afford it.

I just wish people would get that not all of us live in a city or in the burbs. Just because a lot of you do, don't assume that the world does as well.

I don't mean this as harsh as it sounds, I'm just trying to point out that when we ask about substitutes we're not doing it because we just don't feel like getting the original. We're asking for a reason.

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