Nice n Easy Gray Solution

emmismeApril 19, 2008

Has anyone used this? My gray hairs have become resistant to coloring. I'm hoping this product will work.

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I haven't tried it but I did call Clairol for more info. One of the things you lose is the range of color choices you have with other products and there is no Golden Brown which is what I use now. I'd have to go considerably darker and I don't want to as that makes the out growth even more obvious. The other thing they told me is that you don't get the variations within the shade that produce highlights as with their other products - it's more flat looking. I struggle to get my gray covered, too and even when it does cover, it fades at the root line within a few days.

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Gosh, I was afraid to say something negative without being sure but dlm seemed to desribe my experience to a tee. I used light brown but my hair came out dark brown (darker than I wanted). It also seem "very" flat and dull... refer to my post about "hair texture question". I think now my bad hair was linked to this product. As the coloring is fading, my hair seems better/healthier. I think the color just took away all depth and natural shine.

I don't really have a grey coverage/resistant problem... just thought this product may prolong the coloring and wanted to see how it worked. It really doesn't seem to prolong my grey fading any more than my regular color does. As you can guess, I really wasn't at all impressed by this product and plan to NEVER use it again.

I really do like the Nice 'N Easy Root Touch Up though. It does fade, but for in between colorings it works really well.

If you try the Grey Solution, let us know what you think.

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I use L'oreal and it works better than anything I've ever tried. I use "light brown" and it turns out pretty dark, but not black. It's actually my real color, so this works for me,and gives my hair so much body. I highly recommend it.

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I never found anything I liked. I used to disguise my early greying with frosting, and that worked the best. Finally, I just quit, and by then I had natural frosting.

When I tried the gray cover ups, I hated the flat look the coloring gave my hair. Looked just plain awful. Going natural saved me time, money and looked better than all the dye jobs and white roots peeking out.

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Well darn, I was hoping someone had great results with this product. I'm going to use it anyway because I'm cheap and don't want to just toss it. I have black hair and have always used the darkest brown I can find but it just colors my grays a light brown. I've stayed away from black because I've read/heard to always go lighter than your natural color when you're "older".

I've used the Root Touchup too and think it's great for in between colorings.

Thanks for all the input!

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Well, please let us know how it turns out. I'm curious to know what results you have especially since your hair is darker to begin with; maybe it will work well for you. Good luck!

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I wonder if the developer in that product is 40 volume instead of a 20 volume? Does anyone know by chance?

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I use this normally. I have dark brown hair naturally and I used loreals fiaria (spelling may be off) I like the highlights it offers but my grays don't cover completely so I have to recolor very frequently. I haven't found anything that works like the gray solutions. It covers completely from the first application and I don't have to buy any apply again anywhere near like I do with other brands. I haven't noticed the shine problem but it does give the appearance of a flat coloring because there isn't the highlighted look but it isnt bad looking at least with my coloring? People comment positively more often on my dye job when I've used gray solutions.

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