Kiss on the Lips?

linda117117April 9, 2007

LOL, I knew that would get alot of attention. Went on a cruise over the summer. Had a fantastic drink called .... "yep, you guessed it". "Kiss on the Lips". Does anyone know how to make this? Its a frozen drink. Someone out there has to be a bartender or work on a cruise ship or something! I don't like cruising, I dont want to have to go back just to get the drink recipe! LOL"

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Peach Schnapps
Mango mix and a little grenadine syrup.
Schnapps and the grenadine in the bottom of a cocktail glass, crushed ice and fill with mango mix.
Linda C

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Linda, thank you. Im sure you have all the right ingredients, but do you know the amounts of each? Thanks again. I can adjust to my taste, but I need a starting point.

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Just pour maybe a tablespoon of the syrup, an oz and a half of peach schnapps, in an 8 oz glass...and fill to the brim with mango drink mix.
Linda C

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i bet a little good rum would be tasty in there,too[and give it a little more bite.]sounds yummy

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