Tequila Shortage

DorisApril 3, 2001

Is there a tequila shortage in your area? It's impossible to get where I live. The clerk told me there is not much agave??catcus out there anymore. I'll be interested to hear everyones opinion. I don't drink a lot of this, but in the summer margaritas are nice :-)

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yes there is a shortage here......Virginia.

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I work for a liquor distributor and yes, the agave plants used to make tequila have a disease. So basically, there is no cheap tequila anymore, although Cuervo and Sauza have not raised prices as much, so we joke that some price fixing is going on. A good value is Sauza Commeverito - 100% agave, not like Cuervo Gold which is caramel colored Silver and only 51% agave.

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I have been to Jalisco and Guanajuato in central Mexico. Yes, there is a shortage. Many Mexicans are concerned because there are so few mature agave plants. The plants take years to grow, and I only could find very young plants when I was there last. Also, the demand has increased. The popularity of brandy seems to have decreased, and the popularity of tequila has increased.
A good bottle of tequila was only $7.00 six years ago. That same bottle is now more than $20.00.

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I live in Guadalajara, Jalisco, home of the appellation, "tequila" and 30 miles from Tequila, Mexico.

The agave shortage is real due to underestimation of sales and a Gringo-taught contrivance to boost prices. The agave "pineapple" takes years to grow so recovery will be slow and prices will reflect this. Even in Guadalajara, prices have skyrocketed.

But for anything other than "neat" drinking, I use Cuervo Gold. Making a margarita with 100% agave azul tequila is like drinking Petrus on the rocks.

My favorite is Chamucos ("Demons"), a reposado, which I keep syrupy in the freezer.

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Tequila is s**t anyway. Why support foreign liquor companies when you can buy quality American whiskies, made from corn and other grains instead of cactus?

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I spoke too soon. About a week after I posted that, I came home and found a bottle of Sauza on the table (it was my roommate's). I smelled it and it actually smelled GOOD! I also realize it's made from agave and not cactus. And with that whole Seagram's 7 thing, well I actually prefer Jim Beam (longer tradition, American origins, not blended, since 1795!) bourbon. But I now am going to include Sauza (the darker variety) in my liquor cabinet:)

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