home made liquors - shelf life?

mbarnes4104April 6, 2004

several years ago I made some liquors (recipe out of Victoria magazine) basically taking pears, ginger, sugar and vodka, put them in sealed jar in a dark cool cabinet for several weeks, strained the mixture into new bottles and that's it. We didn't drink them, although they weren't airtight (corked, but not sealed with wax or anything). Anyway, we are cleaning out our kitchen and they still seem like they're okay (no weird smell, or otherwise troublesome symptoms) but I don't know what the shelf life is on this stuff... they've been stored in a fridge for the past several years.

I guess I should just chuck them out but I never really did use one so its a full bottle. Anyone have any idea as to whether this stuff may still be good?

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I'm sure they are fine....all that alcohol kills anything....
Linda C

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