Question about our Rum Pot

Roberta_z5April 16, 2005

We are starting two "rum pots". One is with brandy and one with light rum. I am starting with strawberries, bluberries and pineapple and will add new things as they come into season.

The question is: Has anyone ever used cranberries in a rum pot? I assume you would have to cook them, but maybe not. I don't want to ruin these by trying them so maybe some of you have used them in some sort of liquer.

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Too acid.....stick with the standards.
Linda C

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I just happened to check out this forum for the first time today and I'm already wondering what is a rum pot. It sounds interesting--especially with the fruit. Please give me the recipe. Thanks.


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Update: I never used the cranberries, but have just added raisens to both pots. Both the fruit and the liquid is tasting VERY GOOD. As soon as the wild raspberries come into season, we will go raspberry picking!

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