Homemade Kahlua

RKApril 27, 2001

I am looking for a "good" kahlua recipe that tastes quite a bit like the boughten stuff. I have quite a few recipes but there is such a difference in some of the quantities like sugar and coffe. Does anyone have a "tried and true" recipe that tastes like the real thing? I don't want to have to try every recipe I have found because the ingredients are quite expensive. Thanks.

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try the Webtender.com

I tried the simpliest ingredients and it tastes great!

Here is a link that might be useful: Webtender.com

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I got this recipe from a woman who drank like a fish and she was constantly making kahlua.....so I figure it must be pretty good. The receipe calls for 5 tablespoons camp coffee, 5 tablespoons vanilla, 4 cups brown sugar, and 2 cups boiling water. Mix and bring to a boil. Cool mixture. Add 26 oz o alcohol. Hope this helps.

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Here is the only Recipe for Kahlua you need

In a large pan
mix 3 cups granulated sugar with 2/3cup hot water on high heat until it boils, reduce heat to medium, stirring constantly for 3 min.

In a small pan
mix 1/2 cup instant coffee with 1 cup hot water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and stir 2 min.

mix VERY SLOWLY(to prevent volcanic eruption)the coffee mixture into the sugar mixture, on medium heat, stir 2 min.

LET COOL TO ROOM TEMPERATURE(to prevent evaporation of alcohol)

add 1 pint pure grain alcohol.
1 tablespoon vanilla
mix, it will turn a caramel color and then a chocolate brown, mix thouroughly for about 3 min.

pour into a large kahlua bottle($35 bottle)(or similar size)
fill to top with water, shake well
let sit for 24 hours

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Wow that sounds almost as good as my Fred Sanford "Ripple recipe"..............ER hic

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I'm looking for authentic Mexican style Kahlua.
I have Vodka have vanilla have rich freshly ground coffee beans what else is needed please e-mail to yarzy,

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I make lots of Kahlua and find that the longer you store it before using, the more it tastes like the purchased ... I also make lemonchello, and frangelica, and a few others. They all taste great when stored for a month or two.

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