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marcia4April 29, 2002

I wonder if anyone can help me. I bought a used cappuccino/expresso machine and didn't realize I didn't have the instructions till I got home. Can someone please tell me how to use it and how I can get me a good cup of Cappuccino with it. I got 3 bottles of "syrup" with it too. Does anyone know anything about these? Its a Krup. Maybe someone will know where I can write to to get a book or maybe someone else owns the same thing and can scan me the instructions and email them to me. Thanks

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Well....I also bought a used capuccino machine....but mine's a DeLhongi.
They are really pretty self explinatory. You should have a place to put the water.....and a cortrol to turn on to heat the water. Fill with water and heat. All that I have seen have a ready light that goes on when the water is hot. Then you have the container for the will have a handle and a cup with fine holes in it. Figure out where it fits on the coffee maker, fill the cup with espresso grind dark roast coffee....pack very gently and replace the coffee holder on the machine. Place a cup under the place where the water comes out and turn the doal until coffee comes out into the cup....when the coffee dripping down becomes light in color....turn the valve off. Then put about 2 inches of skim milk in the frothing pitcher, and find the symbol for steam on the dial....turn it to that, wait for the ready light....and stick the steamer wand just below the surface of the milk. Steam until the froth reaches about 1/2 way up the pitcher, and add to the coffee in the cup,use a spoon so as to get lots of the froth, and add sugar, flavorings or what as you choose.
Maybe someone who has made it before could show you how.
Linda C

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Not all espresso/cappuccino machines are powerful enough to produce the amount of steam required to foam up the milk. Linda's direction to use skim milk is good, because the less fat in the milk the better it foams.


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