Gevalia Coffeemaker

gramtamApril 7, 2007

I recently bought a stainless steel coffeemaker from Gevalia and I can't use it. It has a plastic chemical smell and so does the coffee. It also tastes like it smells. I have washed it and even ran vinager water thru it, but it didn't help. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's a nice coffeemaker.

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I don't have the stainless steel coffee pot, but do have a Gevalia coffeemaker. My first few pots of coffee (with their coffee) was awful....taste and smell both. I was very dissapointed. After thinking awhile and reading the instruction book, it recommended using filtered water. I bought a Brita pitcher with the filter in the middle and tried it. Excellent coffee since then! Maybe this will help you. Yes, their coffee is a little pricey, but I have now been using it for almost a year. Trying different kinds with each shipment.

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I agree filtered water makes everything taste better. I have both a Brita and a Pur carafe.

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