prisJuly 4, 2010

Lindac, I have a question.

Do you know what may be causing this posting problem? It crops up on occassion and we have no way to move it along the page. Did you post anything in the message box or was your message all on the subject line? Could it be that this is what happens when the message box isn't used? Oh! by the way, your message did the same as Celiannes.

Just a thought, no matter how lame it may be.

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I wish I did know....
But interesting...I can see my message but not Celiannes....
Go figure.
I wish iVillages would fix the glitches...I know from other forums people have sent messages and posted on the suggestions page....and we still have the "Whoops!" problem....not to mention the spammers!!

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I was mistaken...I can't see my post either....that's why I put the message in the title!

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