Cropped Pants Length

pastryqueenApril 5, 2008

I'm 5'0" and would like to know if there a "prefered" distance from the foot that cropped pants look best at. I'm a bit on the hippy side, my waist is where it should be, but when I shop for them, even if they are a petite size 2, they still need to be shortened. Does any one have some ideas or opinions on this?

Thank you so much


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I am very short as well 5'1" and I think the shorter they better they look- some look like high-waters and in return just make my legs look stumpy.
I have found the best ones come from the girls department- try jcpenney. They carry half sizes so they fit fuller through the hip but for me the length is perfect. Or you could try the petite section and find a pair.

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pretty much for any height, the best cropped pants length falls right in the middle of the calf. anything longer or shorter can make you look squatty, if that's a real adjective. Angie @ has some good practical guidelines too; i'll add that link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Angie's Advice @

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Wonder advice, thank you. I will read Angie's Advice and go by their recommendations. You both saved me from looking dumpy.

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Just my opinion but unless you are at least 5'8" tall and very slender and/or long limbed everyone who wears cropped pants looks dumpy. I call them "wide load" pants and wonder if some of the peeps who wear them have ever looked at their rear views in the mirror before leaving the house.

They are fine for the beach or the park but for public wear they just look plain silly on most people.

Amazing what some women will put on in the name of fashion.

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Cropped pants, capris, clam diggers, and the like are rarely a good look for us shorties. The only ones that sort of work are those that are slim fitting and hug the leg contour. Most cropped pants, etc., are too roomy to be flattering to a shorter body.

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You guys are probably right. Capris really aren't that flattering on anyone. I'm taller and medium built and I don't even really like them on me.

Anyway, according to Oprah's experts (if that's what you call them), women over 30 shouldn't wear shorts. So, what are our options? Do you guys wear skirts or just long pants in the summer?

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Women over 30? That's insane. Lots of women today are fitter than they were in their teens well into their 30's and beyond.

You should wear what becomes you. Nice legs can be shown off at any age. I no longer have them but if I did I would shorts in a modest, becoming length.

For the rest of us there are plenty of summer weight pants available or if you like them skirts. I think most bodies can wear the longer knee length shorts if they can get a nice close but not tight fit without that over saggy butt look of some walking shorts.

Oprah's "experts" are like what 20? And Oprah herself hasn't kept an is able to wear shorts body for longer than what a month, in her adult lifetime? LOL

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You know, I have to admit, when I first heard that Oprah thing I thought it was odd but then I started looking around and I noticed that I really don't think shorts look good on women over 35 or so, even if they are super skinny and have great legs. At the beach or something is one thing. I just don't think they look appropriate in the store, etc. Then again, I'm picky and unless you are working out, I absolutely hate tennis shoes on women too. I don't know how this stuff gets ingrained in me!

I may try those longer type shorts. I actually have good calves, but the length on those shorts just seem odd to me. I tried wearing some last year and my husband had a comment about how he thought all the girls were wearing longer pants now (capri length) and were those long shorts or short longs - haha. He was laughing at the at the knee length. Again, an 18 year may be able to pull it off, but I feel like I look like a middle age mom trying to look like a teenager.

I just feel stuck; I wish there were more fashionable casual skirts out there for daily wear. I love my legs but would feel odd getting so dressed up for runs to the store.

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I almost always wear skirts or dresses, summer and winter (and I live in the Chicago area). There are a ton of comfortable, casual skirts and dresses out there you just have to look for them. If you have a Kohls in your area they are a good place to shop for casual skirts and dresses. I do wear capris and shorts in the summer sometimes, but I do need to spend quite a bit of time finding the right pairs since I am 5'1". I wear bermuda shorts cut just above the knee, and capris between just below the knoee to mid calf. The real key for people who are "height challenged" is to be sure that the fit is flattering. If the shorts/capris are too tight of too loose it looks bad, the legs need to be cut so they follow the lines of the body rather than flare out or go straight down from the hip. Watch out for large pockets, prints, pleats, baggy fits, and drawsting or elastic waists. Go for tailored looks that skim the body without being tight. For shirts I have found that at the age of 40 A-line and trumpet skirts are my best friends, and they should hit slightly below the knee. Here is a link to a skirt I just bought a Kohls for casual wear. It can be pared with a tee or tank top and a pair of sandles or espadrilles (my choice) to run around town.


Here is a link that might be useful: Casual skirt

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That is a cute skirt. Maybe I just need to take some time to look around more for casual skirts. Thanks for the link.

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You're welcome!

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If you spend enough time shopping and trying out the capris, you'll end up finding something suitable. I think they look good when they are pretty tight and fitted, have them altered if you have to. I like them just below the knee so more calf is showing.

I look ridiculous in the "just above the knee" length shorts, who knew knees can wrinkle, lol...........

Look in golf stores for all kinds of cropped pants and longer shorts, fabrics have stretch in them and they don't say "golf" , you'd be amazed at how much fashion direction is in the golf collections........ I buy only black for my golf bottoms and wear them anytime.

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DD is a slender 5'4" and looks great in cropped pants. She likes them slender cut, no baggy pockets, and she looks great.

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I am 63, 5'4' and wear capris and crops all the time. Long pants in the summer here would be unbearable! I cannot wear petites because they are too short for me. The misses are probably too long, but I wear them and hope I don't look too goofy! I Weigh about 115 and have problems finding pants that fit. I found some on sale at Macys this summer that seem to work OK. It is hard to find clothes that I like and that are age appropriate!

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