anti aging products

luvmypetsApril 13, 2011

How are you supposed to know what works? Its insane the amount of products & promises. Or is it all ineffective? so i guess what it comes down to the only real solution is fillers and surgery, so you get what you pay for!

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I have been using Roc night cream (has retinol) and everyone comments on my skin - I am 63 and my skin has the radiance of someone a lot younger - I have no wrinkles at all. I also use Pond's cold cream to remove make up (which I use everyday - even in the yard) and then a use a buff puff with Cetaphil (not soap) to wash my face, then apply the Roc cream - It works, otherwise no one would comment on my skin - has to be that because I should have way more dry skin and wrinkles than I do at my age.

I have never used soap on my face (only Cetaphil) and have used a buff puff for years... it helps smooth and soften my complexion - I swear by all three products


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having seen my mom's skin, who didn't have sunblock, and whose beauty creams were four different kinds of petroleum jelly?

I think the only thing that might have improved her skin (which was consistently 20 years younger than she was) was sunblock.

if you're looking for something to undo damage? exfoliation is your best bet - gentle, regular exfoliation, whether mechanical (baking soda) or chemical (yogurt, papaya or other hydroxy-acidn sources)

my worry with fillers is that if you put caulk in a crack, the crack will then flex on 'both' sides of that caulk, and increase the damage in the long term.

me? I'm sticking with kitchen-witchery, sunblock, and Oil of Olay.

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Hi Ladies, I'm new here and beauty is my specialty. There are definitely a ton to choose from and not all work as well as others. But to answer luvmypets statement: no, not all of the products are ineffective.

I actually wrote a piece on anti-aging on my beauty blog, but I'm afraid to show you the link for fear of violating the advertising rules (even thought it is a link to a blog post not selling). Essentially what I said is starting early to take care of your skin will help fight the hands of time as well as using sunblock, and lastly... moisturize moisturize moisturize!

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