avon cellu-sculpt

thatgirlApril 25, 2003

Have any of you tried this? It is suppose to help you lose 'bout an inch from your thighs and see and improvement in cellulite. I've been using it for 2 days.

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I've seen it advertised in the avon book. Was wondering if it worked. Keeps us updated,thatgirl, ok?

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Im gonna order some tomorrow. I saw another commercial tonight and decided to because it says it increses circulation, which I hope will prevent more spider veins (I know its not advertised for this purpose but im hopeful). I dont have any cellulite but I wouldnt mind losing an inch either. Ill let you know how it works for me, and I look forward to reading Thatgirl's review as well.


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I wonder if just using any lotion would improve circulation? I mean, if you rub your cellulite with a good quality lotion twice a day, it stands to reason that circulation would increase. I'm suspicious of all the hype. Keep us posted!

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I can't notice a big difference. I have measured and have not noticed a big enough difference to be noted but I am going to continue to use it.

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whazz, you're right on the money. massage increases the circulation. you'd get better results rubbing ben-gay or some other liniment into the area than you're going to get from the cellulite creams. you'll get WAY more mileage by adding 16 ounces of water to your daily diet than you will by spending $20 on these creams- they're no different than the 'thigh' creams that didn't work 10 years ago.

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