Mystic Tan

maddie_in_kyApril 29, 2003

Has anyone tried this? There is a new one close to my home, and I want to try it, but I wondered if it was worht it--

Here is a link that might be useful: Mystic Tan

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I haven't tried it but they did a piece in our local paper about it. The people they used to test it seemed pretty happy with the results. Linked below is a Google search using Mystic Tan Reviews as the search phrase. Some good information there.

FWIW, I tried some Banana Boat Dark self tanner yesterday and it worked well. Second application goes on today. I've also heard that Clarins Gel was very good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google search

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I did get to see someone get a Mystic Tan. It worked really well except for a few drip spots - I think you're supposed to pat yourself with a towel to prevent this but not sure. I thought it looked very natural, but it is expensive. Once was $30.00, and you'd have to go about once a week to maintain. They probably have packages that are cheaper per tan.

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I broke down and tried it, and it was worth the $25. Weed, you are right, you kinda have to "buff" yourself afterwards, and I didn't do it very well on my upper arms. It lasted about 8 days, and it slowly faded away.

I can't afford it, but it was great while it lasted!!!

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LOL...just asked about this on the KT...I'm going tonite for my first try!


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Just a follow-up on my visit. I wish I had gone to and read their Mystic tips *before* I went, as the salon gave some conflicting information.
My first visit was free, and following visits are $27 unless you buy a package deal.
I felt as if I needed to hold my breath during the spraying, even though they said it was OK to breathe in, and I didn't stand in the booth for 30 sec. after it was done because they didn't tell me to. I only read that afterwards on the fine print wall instructions. They said I didn't have to remove tans right thru, but said it was better to do so. I also did not protect my feet enough and they got too tan. Next time I'd wear the paper booties and apply a self-tanner to my feet by hand. They said I could get dressed right away, but sunless said to wait 15 minutes to allow the solution to dry well and absorb in. I also was in my work clothes, so next time I would have a loose dark cotton outfit(including dark bra & panties) to change into to prevent sweating or too much rubbing against the tan solution and color guide. It did not come off on my clothes....only a tiny bit on my white bra from the color guide tint...and I was sweating outside from the heat.
They told me to wait 4 hr. to shower, but sunless recommends even longer...overnight if you can, then shower off the color guide in the morning.
The coverage was good and very even. There was no smell any more than an average suntan lotion a Coppertone smell, not tropical.
Next time I would prep a few days in advance with good exfolitation, shaving, and cocoa butter the day before, in order to make the tan last as long as possible.
I've been doing some good reading on about how to be more successful with self-tanners, so now that I have an even Mystic base I will try to maintain on my own. Using their advice and how-to's, I bought the Coppertone Effortless creme self-tanner with vanishing tint, and applied it today (48 hrs later) as a second layer.
I would recommend the Mystic as a quick tan for a special event, a good base for using tanning creams, or as a good option for someone who cannot go in the sun due to medication or medical conditions.
According to Sunless, depending on the local prices, Mystic can work out to nearly the same cost as using a good quality tanning cream. (but the look is very even if you follow the tips and instructions)


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let's see-

I tired it only because my spa-crazy best friend won a 'bring a friend' promotion.

I know enough about skin dyes that I exfoliated before hand, and made sure I was well hydrated.

any how, getting misted with stuff they won't provide me with an ingredient's list for does not appeal to me at all.

the dye tends to collect in creases- you know, knuckles, elbows, knee caps...most of it washed out with the coloring agent, but not all of it, my hands looked dirty for a week.

all in all, I'll take my msm orally and lie out in the sun.

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I am sixteen years old and for my highschool dance I went and got a mystic tan. It worked very well. You will notice in the first couple hours of getting it done that it will start getting darker, it may start to look orange. Although after you shower some of the color will come off and the orange tinit will go away. I do reccomend the mystic tan. I was tanner than my best friend, and she goes to the tanning beds!

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i thought it was OK. The color was pretty good but the application process was kind of a hassle. Great if you need some quick color for a vacation or something like that but a bit pricey to maintain over the long term.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Mystic Tan Review

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