Recommendations for Quality Power Brush?

Jodi_SoCalApril 5, 2003

I'm looking for recommmendations for a quality face powder/blush brush (full-size, not travel or purse size).

I would like one that doesn't shed, or at least one with light-colored hairs so if it does shed and I don't notice (I'm half blind :-),

I won't be walking around with black hairs on my face all day. LOL

Brand names and approximate cost would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Most eyeshadow brushes are light color but I haven't seen a powder or blush brush in light color. And I'm not sure if 100% shed-free brushes are out there. You can go to to see what kind of brushes they've. One of the best brand is Trish McEvoy, very expensive. Mac is not bad. At check out Japonesque brand. From drugstore new Loreal brushes are good, so are Sonia Kashuk (Target), Prestige and Maybelline. Paula's Choice brushes are very soft but I had no luck with her brush blush. I could have gotten a bad one since most people raved her brushes.

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Thanks for your suggestions Krisb. I'll start my research with your input in mind.


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Makeup artists often use Shu Umura brushes. They're supposed to be the best quality, if pricier (but sometimes you get what you pay for).

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I've been using the Basic Minerals foundation and it is applied with a brush. Mine came with a large round brush that also shed on my face a bit. I just bought one of their brushes that is flat with a rounded tip, about an inch wide, and bright orange colored bristles. It gives much more coverage, like painting the powders on my face. So far, it hasn't shed at all. I now use the round brush to lightly blend the foundation and blush so it doesn't shed as much as when I was using it to burnish the foundation for coverage.

The new brush was under $20 - around $18 as I recall.

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