Permanent Mascara Solution/Question

katclaws_moApril 13, 2004

Does anyone know of any product that is safe to use to dye eylashes? I have a real problem using mascara. I wear 'hard" contact lenses and always seem to get bits of mascara under the lenses. It feels like a chunk of lead and really hurts causing tearing, snearing etc. I end up looking like a raccoon--LOL

I use only water soluable mascara and never anything with fibers or lengthening formulas or waterproof.

I've been using Maybeline Big lash approved for contact lens wearers, but still have a lot of problems.

My lashes are light, short & almost non-existant, so I really need to use SOMETHING. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any safe product to use to dye eyelashes??



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Hmmm, some salons will dye lashes but the dye probably fades and it will of course grow out as new lashes come in.

How about good old fake lashes?

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Thanks for the suggestion Gina about the fake lashes. I'm such a klutz doing my own makeup, I don't think I'd want to tempt fate with that one--LOL

I was thinking of maybe trying a food coloring dye. I don't mind the fading or having to touching up often, it's just that I have so much trouble with almost any kind of flaking that regular mascara gives off. I don't even use
Q-tips around my eyes because of the fibers.

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I'm a soft contact lense wearer and I've worn Estee Lauder More than Mascara for many years. It's the one mascara that hasn't caused problems with flakes in my eyes. I know hard lense wearers are probably more sensitive.

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Oh ... please be careful! Eyelash dying has potentially serious risks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Please read

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I have been getting my eyelashes dyed regularly for years. Make sure you go to a licensed person who really knows what she is doing and obviously do not wear your contacts while she dyes the lashes.

And yes it wears out and you have salt and pepper eyelashes for a while but the positive side is that every morning you wake up with really black lashes and nothing ever runs.

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