Rose hip beverage cubes

balalaikagapMarch 5, 2008

About 10 years ago I worked at a health food store and we carried a product that I think was called just that - "Rose Hip Beverage Cubes". They probably had a brand name too but I don't remember what it was. I think they were Swedish. Kind of like sugar cubes only with rose hip flavoring too, and you'd mix them with hot or cold water. They were SO GOOD - tangy & mildly sweet.

Has anyone else ever run across these? I've tried searching for them online & I get nothing. I would love to get them again,

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i know the cubes that you are speaking of, but i myself have not seen them in years...if you do eventually find them, please let me know...

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I too have been looking for these. I recall they were the Tisa brand and I thought they were a product of Switzerland. I question my memory on this because it seems there would be some trace found on the web.

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I miss them, too! They were my favorite when I was little -- I think furbie was right, that they were Swiss, and the Tisa brand. But I don't think they've been made since before the Internet (which explains why Google only finds references on these reminiscing boards).

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I too have been searching all over for these cubes. Yes, the brand was Tisa of Switzerland. There were three flavors that I am aware of they are Chamomile, RoseHips & Mint. Personally I have been searching since 2000 for them and have come up with nothing.
If anybody locates a seller please email me at subject: TISA please!

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