Delicious & stylish punch

balalaikagapMarch 6, 2008

I was asked to make "some kind of non-alcoholic punch" for a recent family party. I made something up and it was so good & very popular at the party! Figured someone else might like to know about it.

64 oz. bottle Pomegranate-Blueberry cocktail

2-liter bottle ginger ale

frozen blueberries

I just mixed the juice & the ginger ale, and floated the frozen blueberries in it. It was FANTASTIC.

The P-B cocktail can generally be found with the cranberry juice cocktails at the grocery store. It's in that same type of non-refrigerated plastic juice container. It's not pure pomegranate & blueberry juices so it's not all that expensive. This would certainly be amazing with pure pomegranate & blueberry juices, but also very expensive!

Pomegranate & blueberry are so stylish these days with all the hubbub about antioxidants, so my punch seemed very hip. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pomegranate-blueberry cocktail

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Actually I like most bottles of "juice cocktail" be it cranberry, cran rasp, pomegranate, blueberry, strawberry-kiwi or tangerine, mixed with club soda ( I don't like the added sweetness of gingerale or 7-up) and spiked with some slivers of fresh lime or lemon....or other citrus.
I serve a pitcher of the stuff when ever I serve wine at a gathering. And white grape juice, some lime and club soda makes a lovely punch that looks very like white wine.
Linda C

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This is delicious and perfect for the bout of hot weather we have been having, I added a little peach schnapps, not too much, was scrumy

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