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shwetagargApril 18, 2007

hey can anyone tell me how does the models on TV make their bodies shine so much ...i have tried Body butters but they dont seems to make my body shine, they just moisturize it there any other product that can b used?

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You might want to try a shimmer brush or shimmer lotion. Either can be obtained at most cosmetic and lingerie stores. The product is a moisturizer that has certain reflective properties and gives the skin a soft "glow" when applied.


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good tip; I'll go looking for something of the sort. I'm assuming they are not sticky to the feel.

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No,they arent sticky.Just like any other regular lotion. There are some great ones out there too.You dont even have to get an expensive kind. My favorite one is by Nivea.Everytime I wear it my husband says I look great.

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Nivea ? I'll start with that one.

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wow sounds gud...i am definately buying this...i love other products of Nivea i am sure i wil love this one too...

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