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holly_pApril 3, 2003

Hi. I am looking for a sunless tanner that won't look totally fake. I am very fair. Shorts weather has finally come and I can't bear to look at my white legs. Any suggestions??


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I tried Estee Lauder a few years ago and it worked pretty well.

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It would depend whether you want a department store brand or a discount store . I use Endless Summer by Coppertone, its around $10. I like it pretty well. I have never used any of the higher priced ones from the department store, so i am not sure if they are better or not.

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I've used a bunch of them over the last few years. I think the different ones might work different on different skin types too, because a friend used the same one and it looked different on her.

I like Estee Lauders for face because you can see it go on. It has a little tint to it. I found the cheap ones worked just as good as the expensive ones, you just need to find the one that works for you. I would also suggest using one for light skin (or tanning, I can't remember)if your skin is really light. I also like the spray the best, it seems easier to use.

Most important, exfoliate your skin before using and be sure to wash you hands good when you are done.

I found a site a couple years ago where a bunch of them were tested, you might try and do a search on it.

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I always have a hard time finding one that doesn't smell to high heaven. Some of them have an oder that lasts for days.

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Neutrogena Sunless tanning odor ( thank goodness!!!) and it is easy to use. I also recommend Origins for the face...I have only tested it ( not used it yet) and it is natural looking and long lasting.

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I agree with SuZQue...the odor is a problem. I have Estee Lauder and it works OK but smell is gross. I seem to remember if I buy "face" quality tanning cream and use it on my legs, I get a more even, more natural looking tan.

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Good Housekeeping recently tested several and here is what they reported.

GH Institute Tests: Self-Tanning Solutions

Want to achieve that sun-kissed glow without the sun? Self-tanners may be the answer: They've improved a lot, no longer leaving your skin with orange streaks. The Good Housekeeping Institute tested six self-tanning products for color, streaking, fading, odor and staining of clothes by having women apply the products to their arms and legs. Then, their tans were evaluated with a chromameter by the Institute's Chemistry Department. Here, the best of the bunch:
Estée Lauder Fast Tan Quick-Dry Sunless Spray SPF 15 ($27.50). This spritz-on solution provides an even, deep tan that lasts for about two weeks.

Neutrogena Instant Bronze Sunless Tanner & Bronzer In One Lotion ($9.99). A close second, this product contains a bronzer so you can see where the lotion is being applied. The result: a more even look.

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A fake tan that lasts two weeks? I find that very hard to believe. These tanners only affect the top layer of skin, and when your skin sheds, so does the tan. So unless you're reapplying it every 3 or 4 days, it disappears.

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My good friend, who says she's tried them all, really likes Fake Bake and gave me half a bottle to use. I hadn't tried any sunless tanner since a QT disaster in 1966.

It has no aroma. It goes on looking greyish/brown, so you can see where you're putting it. My legs turned a nice tan within an hour of putting it on.

The first couple of times I used a plastic glove, but the last time I used my bare hand and washed it every few minutes. The application was much better without the glove.

I don't have much to compare it to, but I'm happy with it so far. Apparently it's only available online and at dermatologist's offices.

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Culley - who makes Fake Bake and where can we find it? I'd love to use something with no aroma.

I currently am using Coppertone's Endless Summer (Medium/Dark) for body and Swedish Beauty's Bronze Faces for face and neck. Both work really well for me but the smell is a dead give away!

I like the Coppertone because it comes with a moisturizer and I've always found other self tanners to dry my skin. The Bronze Faces is a spray on that has a bronzer so you can see were it goes. It's the first one I've found that gives me a natural color to my face.

I do go to a tanning salon and tan outdoors but I always cover my face which before looked rather odd to have such a white face and tan body. Now I can have the tan face with out the skin damage.

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I heard that if you shave your legs before applying the sunless lotion that the skin stays tanned longer. I do this and the tan lasts quite a long time. I put it on once a week.

I have been happy with Walgreen's Banana Boat cream.

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ponderinstuff If this link doesn't work it is

This is a great site for pictures, application, and brands. It lists lot of them, as well as places to purchase online.

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sun. 15 minute a day for three weeks. I'm Slavic by family tree, and my skin tone is commonly described as 'frog-belly white' so yes, I know from fair skin- that's why you do it for 15 minutes. your body won't produce melanin for the first week, but by the end of the third, you ought to have enough to add anywhere from 5-15 minutes to your time.

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