new starbucks coffee makers

bug_girlMarch 10, 2002

Has anyone tired the new starbucks coffee makers? One has a metal caftan instead of glass. It is suppost to stay hot better. Unfortuntaley, they only make the ten cup size, and my husband doesn't drink coffee. There is also one called Utopia, that has glass and a vacuum. I think they must be expensive.

Bug Girl

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If it has a floozie italian name for something as simple as a coffee maker, and it comes from starbuck's, of course it will be expensive. What good is coffee that stays warm longer in a (usually heated) coffee maker when it sits for hours on end? I would stick with glass because it imparts no taste to your coffee, and make enough so that it isn't being heated all day. Whatever product you have left at the end of the day may fall into the espresso category by then. Hopefully for your sake you will not be inundated by a long thread of starbucks bashing!!

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Metal caftan -- are you talking about a thermal carafe? I've seen those at Starbucks, and I have one from Gevalia, and I love it. It keeps the coffee warm for a couple of hours at least, and since it's not sitting on a burner, like a glass carafe, it doesn't become thick, strong, and burnt-tasting. It stays fresh, as if just brewed. You can find Gevalia offers in magazines (free coffee maker if you buy 1 lb. of coffee for $10 and become a member, but there's actually no obligation, you can cancel anytime). It's a great deal, and their coffee is good, but it's just too expensive (for me) in the long run. As for Starbucks, I don't honestly think that their coffeemakers are any better quality, and hence are surely overpriced.

Bug Girl -- sorry I missed your San Francisco show! I used to live there, but didn't have cable and didn't know about cable access TV. I moved away in 1999 and then discovered cable access in Somerville, MA, where they have a great station! Now I'm living in a small New Mexico town with a very lame station. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the tip. I use Krups but they don't last very long. They only cost 30 dollars, but I have to replace them often. I was looking for one that will last at a reasonable price.
I think it is very unfair, that public access is not free to everyone. Many people would like to get my show, but can't or won't pay the 40 dollars a month for cable. If public access is to give the public access, then it should be free for all people. The same goes for all the other people who have shows on public access in San Francisco, some of them don't even have cable themselves, but are on it any way. Isn't that ironic?
Bug Girl

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I got the Bariqta Utopia, and it does make better coffee then Krups or Mr. Coffee. The price came down almost 50 percent if you buy it on-line.
Bug Girl

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