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mrobbinsFebruary 19, 2004

OK, all you wine and beer makers, here's a question. I'm making kvass, a fermented beet liquid that is the secret ingredient to a true Ukrainian borscht. (It's stirred into the soup at the end and heated through, but not boiled.) I've let this mixture (peeled sliced beets plus three pieces stale bread, covered with enough sterilized water to submerge everything) sit in a covered pottery container for three weeks at 45-55F. I remove stuff from the surface when it looks iffy (moldy or coated in a dull film). When I examined it tonight, all the bread had risen to the surface, and a few large dull bubbles had formed on the surface. I removed all the bread and bubbles, and when the surface of the liquid was clear, tasted the mixture. It had become a bit sparkly! It looks as though my kvass is turning alcoholic. Now, I want this liquid to have some mellow sweetness -- should I let it sit another week, or drain it off now and refrigerate it? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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MRobbins......My DH likes all kinds of home made soup!
I have added the juice from my dills to get the same
taste effect. As a kid in Man. my U. gran got something
from the drugstore called soursalt,if memory serves me
it looked like chunks of crystal, put inthe mouth it had
a pleasant sour taste. She also made kvass but this was
easier....I would be leery of things that didnt work, why
not start a new batch.

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