Anyone have a Jura Capresso Z5?

beaverlakeFebruary 22, 2006

Spendy, but by all the research I've done so far this is the best residential super automatic on the market. My wife and I are through with grinding, tamping, pulling and frothing. We want the convenience and as much quality as possible.

Any feedback from direct experience at home or at friends would be greatly appreciated.

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We have what would probably be considered an earlier version of that machine. I think they changed the control panel and the frothing attachment a bit, but I think the workings of the machine are probably the same or about the same. We've had ours maybe a year and a half and we are hooked. I am so happy to not have grounds with every grind, tamp or dump, but the coffee is also better than the one that we had been perfectly happy with. We had a hard time with the price, but have decided it was definitley worth it.

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