Cherry Coke: New formula?

kclvFebruary 11, 2007

Coca-Cola has changed the design on the cans of Cherry Coke, but now the name is Coke Cherry.

I think they have also changed the taste. The new stuff seems less fizzy and more dilute tasting.

I checked the website, but there is nothing about a change.

Am I the only one to notice this? Cherry Coke was my guilty pleasure. I allowed myself 2-3 cans a week, and enjoyed every drop. What a letdown.

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I don't drink it.

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Tastes the same to me. For a long time (2 or three years straight) my store carried Coke in cans with Santa Claus on them . The may rotate the can design, but the contents seems unchangeable. The last time anyone altered the Coke formula, it was well publicized.hat was over 20 years ago. I don't think it would happen again.

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