Could someone help me identify dining chairs? Pics

megpie77July 26, 2010

Hello and thank you. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about these chairs? I have one captains chair and 5 "ladies" chairs that I purchased on craigslist along with the table for pretty cheep! Everything is in great condition (thought the dated and dusty fabric could be replaced). I just want to make sure these chairs aren't anything of great value before I paint or restain them.


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The table is Duncan Phyfe in style and looks to be mahogany...the top probably veneer but looks to be in good shape.
The chairs are sort of "neo Duncan Phyfe"...a more modern adaptation of DP style. Also appear to be very very nice quality.
In my opinion they are way too nice to paint...or restain.
What do you want them to be?
Linda C

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Linda C thank you so much for your reply. I know it is a shame to paint such beautiful furniture but the finish doesn't match my decor and to buy the chairs I would like would cost a total of around 1100.00. I purchased a duncan phyfe double pedestal table (below) which I painted and sort of whitewashed. It was $75 at a garage sale and since the leaves looked to be a different wood from the table I knew I should paint it (I have a narrow dining room and wanted to keep the room "light and airy"). I thought I'd either paint the chairs creamy white or try and sand off the stain and try to age it like the chair shown below.
Anyhow, thank you again for the info!

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Fori is not pleased

I think they'd end up looking better than your sample chair...but I agree with Linda that it'd be a shame to do it. Can't you just do some tulle slipcovers or something? :)

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Hi Fori. I thought about slipcovers, but with three kids it's going to be hard enough to keep up on new fabric for the seats. If I could get my mother in law (or hubby for that matter because he can sew!) to teach me to sew I would make quite a few and rotate. HMMM. My mother is trying to convince me to keep them, reupholster them, and mix and match my furniture. Lots to think about. I'll take my time with this as I do have other chairs to use.

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Sorry....but to me that style table looks so wrong painted....frankly it looks like a garage sale find that you painted because you couldn't afford a real provincial light table and chairs.
Upholster the chairs in a lovely subdued floral with a French feel and use the table and chairs and think of painting the chandelier.
The new table and chairs is really terrific.

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Fori is not pleased

I saw all that white and made the silly assumption that you didn't have kids. Whoops! Why not try the mix and match like mom suggests?

And I confess I like the retro fabric with the nailhead trim. Unfortunately those won't be an easy DIY recovering job. You might be able to locate slipcovers that just tie over the seat--with kids, washable upholstery is nice. That would leave you with the darker wood of course...c'mon, at least stick them in the dining room and see if they look bad!

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Linda. I love painted furniture. I actually saw this same table in a magazine that the lady painted white. I liked that it didn't look expectedly "stained". And mabey it doesn't look righ but more importantly I was looking for a narrow somewhat long dining table (it is 36" wide by about 86" long with both leaves). My husband actually suggested bring up the new table.

Fori-the chairs do not look bad with the table. And actually all that white is more forgiving than the espresso table I had which showed EVERYTHING!! I don't mind wiping furniture down from my's fabric I am worried about. I did indeed think about just making seat slipcovers-Thanks again!

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I love love love that white painted DF table, it looks so hip and young. And lets be honest it isn't a priceless antique. I would also paint the chairs and what would you think about a zebra print on the chairs? I wouldn't paint the chandy, to me it might look just like a real DIY painted chandy.

I don't have a problem with painting furniture if they aren't from 1890 or something. Your table looks smashing in my opinion.

The chest of drawers and chaise sofa didn't come in white, it was painted and recovered and I think it is so good looking.

I vote for painting the chairs, you have great style.


Slipcovered dining chairs.

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Jane-thank you so much for the inspiring words! I was beginning to think my pretty table was a disaster...but you can't please everyone. I agree that if it's not a historical piece worth thousands then have at it with whatever you like! I think it adds an unexpected fresh twist to see an unlikely piece painted...and makes one's home all the more unique. I would never paint the chandy. It's the only thing that adds a bit of masculinity (I'm refering to the bronze/black finish). It also ties in with the dark feet on the pedestals.
Did you paint the dresser? It's very pretty. Totally my style-Love it. The chaise is beautiful. And thank you for all of the other great inspirational pics. Are they pics of your home?

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No, Megpie those pieces are not mine, but they are my style. I just wanted to point out how great and fresh things can look when there changed. I do however have a few painted pieces, that I love.

I copied your table for my sister, she is another one that can't paint wood.

At any rate, your room looks stunning!

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Table and chairs are pre-WWII, probably early 1930s. I vote for slipcovers and no paint.

The hallmarks of that era are a lighter scale and a curvier outline than the parent Sheraton or Hepplewhite style. It has a bit of an Art Deco austerity to it.

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I like your painted table. I think the chairs would look nice painted white with black cushions. ( or dark purple to hide jelly stains)!

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I like your painted table too, and would definitely paint the chairs.

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Well....this has turned into a discussion of pain ted vs not painted furniture.....when the forum is about antiques.
To me things that were not originally made to be painted and get painted looks like "early marriage" decorating on a shoe string and if it looks beat up...paint it! And this assumption affirmed by all who says a Duncan Phyfe looks "Fresh and young" painted....
It would be criminal to paint those chairs...And I really think a painted Duncan Phyfe style looks very "improvised" look....I couldn't afford I painted this!
A real wood finish, with a coat of good paste wax....or if you must refinish it a coat of oil based poly is pretty resistant to wet glasses and milk spills.

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not to pile on.. but why destroy classic furniture? I'm sure you could find some well made chairs from the 1980's to paint white, instead of wrecking 80 year old furniture. To me it seems better to dress them if you can't enjoy them as they are.

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