Your opinion on which wet bar layout - pls, must order tomorrow!

akcorcoranJanuary 29, 2013

OK, so I know I've tried to ask your thoughts before but I am desperate now as we need to order *tomorrow.* I just need to make a decision and put myself (and all of you!) out of my misery.

So, here goes: the wetbar/butler's pantry is 79" long for interior dimensions.

On one side, I've got a 12" bank of drawers next to a sink, then an 18" double pull out for trash and recycling, and finally a 24" Bosch dishwasher. Above the sink is a big historical window so next to it is just one big, 30" cabinet on the wall above with glass doors.

The other side is where it's tricky - we're trying to maximize counter space for entertaining, so I've narrowed it to two options:

1) a 24" dual-zone wine cooler (likely Marvel or SZ) and then the 15" Manitowoc ice maker. This has been the plan all along and maximizes storage down under the counter.

Downside is that it also leaves me with no beverage options in the wet bar area at all (no mixers, no equally attractive non-alcoholic beverages, no beer.) We will have that available in the kitchen (next door) but it makes for some awkward entertaining - or buckets of soda and beer on the counter! Note: If I change the wine cooler to just a beverage center, I've been bummed that it basically only holds about 12 - 14 bottles of wine?

2) a 36" U-Line 3000 Series Wine Cooler / Beverage Center (3036BVWC - link below) that ends up in the center. A 15" cabinet to the LEFT of it, then paneling the 15" ice maker and that is to the RIGHT of it. Appearance is that there are two cabinets when the reality is that there is really only one for storage. Advantage is that now I've got my beverages covered.

Disadvantage is that the storage below goes to very little. One narrow cabinet for liquor, maybe?) Only one drawer for storage as well (thinking bottle opener, corkscrew, etc.) Could be kind of a backup in the center - I had kind of liked the space between the beverage area and the ice but there's just no good way with this unit? And, i'm a little bummed it's only a single zone cooler for the wine - the reds will just have to be chilly and brought out. so be it.

What would you do? Any other thoughts?

I've got about 18 hours to decide and would really really really appreciate your thoughts.

THANK you!

(First pic is window/sink side, Next two are the two options for the opposite side. Note that the pic with the double unit in the center shows the ice maker but it would be paneled.)

Here is a link that might be useful: U-Line 3000 Series Beverage Center/Wine Captain Model

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Sink / Window side (Window is existing in our 1917 Colonial so it cannot be changed. And, I actually like the idea of the natural night in this room (a transition area between our dining room and our new kitchen.)

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Option 1 I described above)

This layout but NOT the red wine storage grid in the center. Just a full cabinet there.

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Option 2 described above ) U-Line 3000 36" Wine/Bev in center. Ice maker to right, cabinet to the left. Ice maker is paneled to match the cabinet. (This unit has stainless on outside w/glass doors, not solid as they appear in the CAD.)

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I'm sure that it is too late to influence your decision. I can't resist, though, pointing out the obvious -- that bar spaces and kitchens rarely have enough room for everything one wants in them, even if it all is affordable. As a result, priorities have to be established about what is most essential, working down the list until one runs out of room.

As an example close to home, the dishwasher may be a lower priority than refrigeration if there is another dishwasher close by (depending on definition of close).


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Yes - you're probably right, kaseki. In fact, it wasn't originally spec'ed to have the dishwasher and that was an impulse floor model buy. Later on, I've sort of thought that it threw off everything (the ice maker was supposed to go there.)

That said, based on your thinking, I have thought about what my priorities were. Well the first is less a priority than a preference - when we entertain, I *dread* the extra batch of dishes than can't fit in the dishwasher. I hate going to bed with dishes not yet attended to b/c they are worse in the morning. SO, that second dishwasher was a big splurge but something I know we'll use.

The second thing taking up the space now, the double u-line I guess reflects the priority more? Here we've designated this bonus space to an area where we can keep all the beverages for regular life and entertaining. It didn't sit right to me that we would accomodate all wine (we are sort of light wine drinkers on our own, more when we have folks over,) and NO beer, mixers or non-alcoholic beverages available. They would either need to end up in a bucket of ice on the counter or people would be going into the kitchen fridge.

SO, I guess giving up 12 inches of space was a tradeoff I would make - especially since, as you say, you can't really ever fit everything in a room like this. I have nearly 8 feet of cabinets on the top of this area, one bottom cabinet with a drawer, and another cabinet and bank of drawers on the other side.

So, I guess that's sort of how I thought it through? My logic is probably flawed - and my worst habit is being indecisive and second-guessing myself, but hopefully I can live with this one! :-)

Thanks for the thoughtful comment though - it made me think this through again.

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