ILVE & Verona ranges

sidtysmithJanuary 18, 2011

I am an appliance dealer that is considering putting an ILVE 48" dual fuel range & vent hood on display in addition to a 30" and 36" Verona range. Does anybody have any experience with these brands? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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I did a search on GW for Verona, not much there.
I did a search for Ilve and did find some info.
I would suggest you do the same.

Here is one thread I found about the Ilve--pretty
much postive. Click the URL I listed below to see it.

Apparently your "Well known Competitor" Here, (Trevor)
does or did carry Ilve and possibly Verona too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ilve Ranges

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I have an ILVE 48" & I'm really happy with it. HTH.

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Verona ranges have been around for a surprisingly long time and the one person who had one loved it but that was 5+ years ago. If I recall, distributor was in Texas and service wasn't realistic elsewhere.

US Appliance sells them online. 0 marketing or info.
It's a nice looking range via photos and would be great to know more about it.

It would go with the subset of Euro ranges -- Ilve, Bertazzoni -- that are attractive and well priced.

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Used a 24"/60cm Ilve cooktop that was very good.

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Verona Pro is the unit we've been waiting to display all year. Once a certain part is shipped from the parts supplier to Verona at the Italian plant, the units will be ready to ship to America through Euro-Chef. The Verona Pro will have much higher BTUs with German-made brass burners. For a little over $3,000 I predict it will be the number one selling value-line 36" dual-fuel range.

The rest of Verona items are simply re-branded Delonghi products. Since Delonghi is better known for small appliances (i.e. convection toaster ovens) the powers at be thought to use the Verona name instead.

We haven't pulled the trigger on displaying an Ilve, but have sold a couple and our customers are very happy. No burner above 15K BTU however.

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Bleargh, I'm sorry - I really have a dual fuel 36" ILVE (as opposed to what I mistakenly typed up there). It's a thousand degrees here and my brain cells are fried.

I would think visually it would be nice to have the warm, old-fashioned style of the ILVE irl to contrast its appearance with the very sleek, modern stainless steel style of many competing brands. And of course with a major purchase it's really nice to get your hands on one, feel the weight, stick your roasting pan in the oven, etc.

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Going Eurochef all the way!

Have you made a decision yet?

Ilve Majestic is a niche brand that can bring people to you from the high end demo. The Verona 36" and 48" will bring the value shopper.

Ilve and Verona are both very attractive appliances that add value to the customers kitchen. Both come in different colors but only Verona is available in all gas or dual fuel.
LP conversion kits are provided with every range. Also Eurochef sell the matching handles to provide the customer a matching look on the the cabinets and other built in appliances.

Best of luck in these trying times.

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Could you please update this posting? I'm sure many here are interested in your experience and whether you pulled the trigger on the Verona Pro. Well... I am, at least!

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