HOW much for a cut and highlight?

miscindyApril 8, 2006

I normally post on the quilting and diet club boards, but have a question for you all. I've been thinking about having my hair highlighted. I also need a cut. I normally get my haircut at Great Clips for about $12. I was thinking a salon would probably charge $40 or so for highlights. My girlfriend gets hers cut and highlighted at JCPenney salon and she just told me they charge her around $100!!!! I am shocked! What do you ladies pay for highlighting and a cut? Is that the normal price?

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That's about what I pay. Expensive, isn't it?

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I just paid $95 plus tip for color,cut, and highlights. It saves me time, mess and my hair is better condition than it was before. It's just a necessary evil, replacing mirrors was getting too expensive, LOL.

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Depends on where you live and where you go, but I'd say that is average for my area for a cut and one color highlight. Highlighs can be done with more than one color which is usually more. If hair is gray and needs a solid color with highlights over the top is costs even more.

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I found a better price! There's a salon down the street where the junior stylist charges $40-48+ for the highlights and $13 for the cut! At that price, I can get my brows waxed too and still be well under $100! I hope she does a good job!

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I've paid between $75 and $130 for a cut, color, and highlights. Price did not determine outcome!

Highlights done with foils will cost more than highlights pulled through a cap. If you have fine straight hair, I recommend using a stylist who does foils, it offers a lot more control over where the highlights are and how many. The cap method is a bit hit and miss and the color can seep through the cap holes and make polkadots. Yes, this happened to me.

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I pay $95 for foil highlights and cut + $20 tip (rural Texas). That's a bit less than I paid in Houston for same. The time I tried to find "a deal" I REALLY paid! I went to a Walmart Salon, the manager worked on my hair and I ended up w/a nightmare--glowing neon Marigold color and shockingly bad haircut-had to go to a good salon for color correcting. I've been highlighting for 20 yrs. and I've learned paying more is almost always worth it.

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On a recommendation of a coworker, who had lovely hair, I went to her stylist (that had recently moved to WalMart).

I was skecptial, but I tried the stylist anyway, and that was one of the best cuts/color/highlites that I've ever had.

The dear stylist passed away shortly after that, and everytime I pass by the store, I remember her.

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For a few years I took my kids to the local beauty school for $5 haircuts (and no tipping allowed!!) I finally decided to try it myself. Last year I found a girl there who gave me the best haircuts I've EVER had in my life. (She moved onto a salon, and I've followed her, so bye-bye $5 haircuts). But beauty schools do highlights & coloring, too. The students are pretty-heavily supervised, so it might be worth a try. I think the prices for color are super-cheap, too. Check your yellow pages!

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Well I just got back from the highlighting appointment. i ended up paying 13 for cut and 60 for the highlights. I do have thin fine hair and used foils. My brown hair now has very nice, natural, subtle red and blonde highlights throughout. It's quite pretty, and not a drastic change. (My husband says it looks the same, but he's clueless!!:))
The beauty schools around here have limited hours during the day only and you are not allowed to take you kids with you while you get your hair done.
Thanks for all the advice and info!

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I just had my hair cut and highlighted/lowlighted for ZERO dollars!!! The local Toni & Guy salon trains apprentices in advanced hairstyling techniques before they are allowed to work on clients. They regularly need hair models who are willing to have an apprentice work on them. They are very closely supervised by an instructor, so I figure I'm getting a better job than at most salons. I just call the salon when I'm ready for a haircut and they put me on a list. When an apprentice needs a model, they consult the list and give me a call and arrange for an appointment.

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oh my God it's gotten expensive to get highlights now in 2011!!! i payed $125+tip to get highlights and a hair cut. although my hair was a mess i had 5 different colors i my head so i decided to fix my hair. it looks good and evenly colored.

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I think between $1-200 is appropriate now in 2011 depending on how long your hair is and the experience of the stylist.

And don't forget the tip of $30-40 for this as well. Beauty ain't cheap, ladies!

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Christine Marie

I paid around $130 for a cut (shoulder length) and full blonde highlights.

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By the time tip is added in, I pay about $120 for cut and style. But I go to the most senior stylist at a salon that specializes in curly hair. I don't trust anyone else with my hair. With hair like mine a great cut is the difference between amazing and hot mess. She does a dry cut first, then a wash and dry under one of those hood dryers. Finished up by a fine tune cut and style. It takes a lot longer than a regular 'wet' cut and blow dry, like 2 hours for the whole process.

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I pay 100.00 for a haircut and another 100 for highlights, we live in the wrong area lol.

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