need slush for 100

heavenFebruary 9, 2002

Help!! Throwing a surprise birthday party, and would like to find a frozen margareita sluch type drink, that is easy to serve, as we will have alot of people.

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Linda C

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Hi Linda, Yes Alcoholic. But I can probley cut it down to about 50 people I think. We will have beer also, and pop. We have about 125 people comming and not everyone will be drinking this. Thanks

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I have used a product called On The Border margarita mix. It comes in about a half gallon plastic bucket, you pour a 750ml bottle of tequila with the ingredients in the bucket, mix it well, and place the bucket in the freezer overnight. It freezes into a slushy mix. You can just scoop out the slush with an ice cream scoop or whatever. Kind of low tech, and not near as good as my own home-made margaritas, but it is easy and doesn't wear out the bartender.

They have a web site:

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PS... I bought my On The Border buckets at Sam's Club. Strickly for research purposes, I have just gone downstairs to the freezer and gotten a glass out of a bucket that has been in the freezer since last summer. Mixed it up real good, and it tastes pretty good. Another tip, if you want to make a Top Shelf margarita out of this, mix in some Grand Marnier or Cointreau.

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Another vote for the On the Border stuff.....and also for the addition of cointreau.
And also a word to the wise! When ever I have had a big party and offered margaritas and beer and pop.....everyone drank margaritas!! Have lots!! The frozen slush will keep for months in your don't run out.
Linda C

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