aha & bha use

socksApril 7, 2006

When you use these products which contain AHA or BHA, do they go on before the moisturizer and foundation? I've never used this type of product.

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I am a very satisfied customer of Paula Begoun/Cosmetics Cop'k 2% BHA liquid/toner.

I put that on the very first after my face is washed (it's liquid like a toner).

Ever since I started using this I am 99.9% blemish-free. I just recently ran out and didn't have another bottle. Took a few days to get a new one and in that time I've had five or six blemishes so it's obvious that this really works to keep my face clear.

After I use the BHA, then I use their blemish buster (I think that's what it's called) which is like a liquidy lotion (? that doesn't really make sense). Then I use an Oil of Olay clear gel-type thing (Rejuvenist or something like that), then I put on moisturizer then foundation, powder, etc.

I would highly recommend the BHA (to make a long story longer... ) :-)


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H--thanks for your response. I just ordered Paula's 8% AHA gel, but haven't received it yet. That was recommended for my type skin. There is a ton of information on her website, and I did find out how to use it there. This is the first time I've tried Paula's products. They have $3 shipping all this month, so I thought it would be a good time to try.

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