How long will used dsc range last?

calizzyJanuary 24, 2014

I am in the market for a new range and am thinking of getting a nicer used one. My budget is $1000. I found a 30" 4 burner dcs for $750 on craigslist. The man says its 4 years old and works great. 4 years is a bit older than I want, but $750 seems like a good price. How long should I expect this range to last?

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There is no way of knowing. Is it gas or electric oven? How much has it been used? Has it had any repairs? Have you read online reviews on this model? Read the users manual, usually available online. Look over the interior very well with a flashlight to see if the enamel is intact. Is it hooked up now so that you can check it out to see if it runs and if the oven is working and you can check the temperature with an independent thermometer. Is it possible to have someone who knows about appliances check it out? $750 seems high. Appliances the last several years are not what they used to be.

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If it's an all gas range, it's likely to outlast your kitchen. If it's a dual fuel, with electronics and such, there's no way of knowing how long before it may need a repair, but 4 years for a range is not that old. I'd spend $750 in a heartbeat for the DCS, rather than what's available new for $1000.

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I have an 11 year DCS all gas 30" range that's still doing fine. The ignitors can be a bit flaky at times but other than that it works well. YMMV. Test out the range thoroughly before you buy it.

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What model is it? I thought all 30 DCS ranges had 5 burners. The very old DCS ranges that pre-dated mine had 4 burners.

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Here is the pic from the craigslist post. It is about an hour away, so I haven't seen it in person yet and the man selling it doesn't have the model #. I can't find any others on the internet that are 4 burners and 30 inch. Do you think it's actually older?

Also, he said it is all gas.

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Yup, I suspect it's a lot older - at least 12 years old and probably even older. Can you get the serial number and check with DCS. I'm sure there's a plate on the range with the model and serial number on it - the seller may be concealing that info from you.

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It's not as old as my 36" - back when DCS still had open burners. For what it's worth, the stove is still chugging. I recently replaced the oven igniter and that's been the only repair now 15 years or so.
But yes, the seller should be able to find the model and serial number. On mine it's behind the kickplate.
It's worth a look, if the seller will come down.

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Weissman has been contributing on DCS ranges here for many years and is generally regarded as an authority. I recommend you heed the advice.

To me, the picture looks like the models that DCS had back in the 1990s. I suspect the model number might be RG304 or RGU304 or RGU-304. Rather than 4 years old, maybe more like 14 years old?

Try searching on eBay and elswehere to see what the going prices are. For all I know, the eBay prices might be higher, but I'd still be wary of a guy who won't give you a model number and represents this stove as "4 years old."

Beyond that, though, an older gas stove has its attractions for the right person. Be aware of competing considerations: while there is not much to go wrong with it (the attraction), it still will need maintenance type work and you need to be sure you can get the parts (the potential downside.) . Much like replacing spark plugs and changing oil filters in a car, a gas stove will eventually need new ignitors for the top burners and oven glowbars and maybe a door gasket or oven burner element.

Not sure I'd put much faith in a representation that a CL seller has the parts to hand. I would want to verify parts availability for myself. I'd do the same thing if I were looking at a "vintage" Chambers, Wedgewood, Merritt & O'Keefe, etc.

Also, there was a thread like this on a used RG304 about five years ago, and I've linked to it below. I think the poster, StacyinMaine might be now be posting as stacyneil. FWIW, I think she wound up buying an NXR, instead. had them for $1799 until a few weeks ago, and then bumped the price back to the standard $1999. Doubtless, the price will come back down to $1799 at some point, but it is hard to say when.. Either way, though, that is twice your budget.

Have you looked at the Frigidaire Gallery Series FGGF3054M, an all gas range which nonetheless has a third element "true" convection oven. Deeageaux suggested this to several folks some months ago in a thread on gas stoves for those with a $1k budget. IIRC, the painted versions of the stove go for about $850 and the stainless versions for about $100 more. Might want to check into that for the upcoming President's Day sales because the prices could be significantly less..

Here is a link that might be useful: Found DCS 30' used...10 years old... buy it?

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I bought 36" DCS stove in May 2014.
Top rack grades are warped.
Ignitor went out in two months.
Temperature element defective.
Service is not there.
Will never buy DCS product again.

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