1800's Dresser pair

Mike_July 17, 2011

Hi everyone, I am looking to part with this dresser set that has been with me for many years. I am told they are 1800's. I cannot find any markings on the dressers (or just don't know where to look). Can you help me know something about these and what they are worth.





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Look like 1930's to me......
Linda C

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I might have been lied to when I got them. I know nothing about antiques, GF just really liked them....

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No older than 1910s and no younger than mid 1940s. Best guess is mid to late 1920s. The curved grooves, 2-tone wood, and general look of the piece are close to dated pieces I have seen.

The out of proportion bulges on the legs is more characteristic of furniture from the 1920s ... some of them have legs that look like melons in a broomstick.

"worth"? If they are sturdy, you have a 4-drawer and a 3-drawer dresser ... price them at what a cheap furniture store asks for their particleboard stuff of equal storage capacity, and in your ad, mention that for the same amount of money they can get new from BigCheap store name.

These are popular for girls' rooms when painted and antiqued.

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I would say they are probably 1920s Romantic Revival. The sellers may have thought they had something that was older and Renaissance Revival, which would've been 1880s and later but it would look more Italian inspired than this.

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I have added some more pictures to the album by request of a poster. I do appreciate the help. The other information they asked for was the veneer looks to be 1/16" thick, the backing is what looks like some sort of lamination (similar to plywood) and is 5/15" thick and has "NO 855" on it. Nothing on it looks like it was re-finished (not that I am an expert). So, looks like the opinions so far are 1920's maybe as new as 1930's.... Well, not entirely too bad so maybe he did not exactly lie but exaggerated.....or he didn't know better....

The photo album is:

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How about a picture of the backs and the sides?
Still saying 1925 to 1935......
Linda C

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I have added a couple new pics to the album of the back and sides. I also tried to get a close up of the back wood. You are correct the casters are wood.

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Did you check the inside of the dresser/drawers (pull out the drawers and check the underside, etc) for a paper label? I've got a couple similar pieces (they're all buffets though) and one has a Sears paper label.

They are all of substantially better quality than most furniture you can buy today...if you can clean up the scuffs, etc. (or paint it) you should be able to get a decent price for it.

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They were calling that style Italian Renaissance in the mid 1920s. I'd date it 1925.

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I agree....nothing special, and considerably dinged up.
I wouldn't pay $100 each for them....but someone may....to paint and jazz up.

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Very cute pair! And condition not bad - broken veneer is my dividing line between good and near-junk. I'd pay 100 each for those, maybe more. That's a quality it would be a shame to paint, in my opinion.


Here is a link that might be useful: link to album

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