Disaster! Eyebrows and Hair color!

snow_peachApril 19, 2006

Help!!! My hair was just dyed a deep, rich red, but my eyebrows are dark brown! The hair color is beautiful... but my eyebrows don't really go with it. I need to know what color my eyebrows should be to enhance my hair and not make me look flat and washed out. I cant go and get them dyed, but maybe some light peroxide or something would lighten them, and i could use penicl or powder to color my brows. I just need to know... what color??!? I have fair skin, light-peachy, and honey brown eyes. If that helps...

please help me! If you want, (I'd really appreciate it) you can email me your response. xemostarz21@yahoo.com

thank you so much!

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Snow Peach, for color, I would use 'auburn' (most brands have auburn), use powder instead of pencil.

To lighten, you could try using a little peroxide or lemon juice....applied with a Q-Tip....careful, don't get it in your eyes.


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Before you put anything on them, I would visit a good cosmetic counter and try to find a suitable pencil to enhance your look.
Possibly your whole eye makeup color scheme has to be revised to flatter your new hair color; don't forget that your hair color will change somewhat after a few shampoos so don't do anything radical right now.
I've found that Color Conserve shampoo by Aveda keeps my color true , don't shampoo with just anything and strip your color too fast.

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Hair bleach for facial hair will lighten your brows to a reddish color. My brows are dark brown and lighten in about 5 or 6 mins. Just don't leave the bleach on too long or you'll wind up with blonde brows. Good luck.

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