Rotny geta a Brazilian

rotnyApril 16, 2007

Hey folks, haven't posted here in a while so I thought I'd chime in. If this doesn't shake the board up I don't know what will.

I've decided to try a Brazilian. Been shaving for years and have been contemplating this for the last 5 or so. Research has convinced me this is the most efficient way to stay bare other than electrolysis or lazer traeatment so I'm finally gonna' break down and have a go at it.

I'm a little apprehensive about just how much this might hurt but so many women swear by it; I've got to experience this for myself.

Any other guys taken the plunge?


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When are you going to do it ?

Have you had your legs waxed, bikini line, etc...
or will this be your first experience with waxing ?

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Oops, just realized I have a typo in the subject line. I'll be getting this done in either Faixfax or Reston - both VA. Nope, never had any part of me waxed before this will be my first time, but my wife has had her eyebrows done; and I've actually done the eyebrows of one of her girlfriends.
I'm thinking this will be similar to removing a Bandaid except the wax will only stick to the hair - at least that's my desperate hope. I'll be talking with an aesthetician shortly and asking her a boat load of questions. I have really coarse hair so my only fear is this will be like uprooting small trees instead of snapping dandilions.

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Good luck rotny! You have more guts than I do. Happy Birthday by the way!

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"uprooting small trees instead of snapping dandilions"

you do have a way with words, lol.....

an experienced technician works very fast ; possibly get a few strips of your legs waxed so you can have an idea of the feeling beforehand.

As far as comparing to a bandaid being removed, try thinking
"very sticky "bandaid removed very swiftly.

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Gasp! I'll stick with the old Venus razor! I'm a coward!

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I'm scheduled for May first. I'll let you know how I fare.


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Ok folks, I did it.....and survived. Sheesh! What an experience - but it actually wasn't really that bad. I will say this, the amount of discomfort and the taughtness of the skin in the area being serviced are directly proportional. Loose skin tends to smart a little - well, a lot!

The session went rather quickly and despite being a Black male with especially coarse hair, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Not EVERY stitch was collected but the aesthetician noted to expect that. The results become more complete as the hair thins during regeneration. There is also less discomfort on subsequent visits because of thinner hair and increased tolerance.

Strangely enough, I could have made the procedure a little more pleasant for myself by taking a pain killer prior to my visit as suggested  but I was so anxious about the whole ordeal that I walked out of the house having swallowed nary a capsule.

The only negative I have to report is the cost involved. The salonÂs website advertised the procedure at $65.00. My total was $100.00. Perhaps, because this is not something men normally do, it was considered a "special" treatment and gave the aesthetician the liberty to charge anything she wanted. Shame on me for having not been a little more proactive.

Over all, the money was worth the experience; and if this should ever come up in mixed company, the ladies wonÂt be able to shush this Bloke.

IÂd do it again. Just need to establish the fee beforehand.

I told my wife about my adventure and piqued her interest. SheÂs decided to have a go at it herself. Great for me, eh?!

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thanks for posting back, you are a brave person !!

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Brave in so many ways! I'm not surprised they charged you more. Most men are furrier than most women, aren't they?

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Okay... if you can do it, I don't have an excuse anymore. *SIGH*

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I got a bikini wax this winter. There are 2 young gay guys who live down the street and they own the local day spa.
When I showed up for my appointment "Anthony" said that he would be doing my waxing. He saw the look on my face and said "It's alright Honey, I have a degree in nursing" So, he is now on my short list of men who have seen me at my best. If he just didn't live down the street........

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LMAO - you know, that's funny - b/c I'm looking only at salons CLEAR ACROSS TOWN, to avoid even the most remote possibility or seeing this person out and about! I know I'd be beet red just seeing the technician. I embarrass so easily, it's just absurd.

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Long ago, at a party, my host introduced me to my former gynecologist. Of course he had no idea and neither of us said a word!

I live in a smallish town, any Brazilian waxing will be done in another county...

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