riderApril 4, 2003

Has anyone used Nads for hair removal? I want to do my upper lip but waxing is so painful and I get bumps that last for a week. I saw an ad for Nads and was curious about it...

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I've never used it, mostly because I went to and read the reviews. Ouch! Looks like you have to be a pretty tough cookie to use it.

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Yeah, that's what I figured. Wish I could find an effective way to do my upper lip... without pain and bumps for a week. Any suggestions out there?

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Hey Rider & Whazzup! Just happened over here from the Cooking Forum for the first time -

I've used a facial dipilatory (Neet/Nair) that seems to work fine. Just be careful you don't leave it on any longer than you absolutely need to and be careful not to really scrub the stuff off when you rinse or you could really irritate your skin.


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I've used Nads for forearms and lip and it worked ok. But the Sally Hansen wax strips are also good.

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There is a very inexpensive product that has been used by black men for years to remove hair without leaving shaving bumps. You can find it in most drug stores in the ethnic section. It's called Magic Shaving Powder. It comes in a can that looks like a small Comet can. It's pretty gentle since it was made to be used daily on the face. I have had great luck with it on the face and bikini area. However, you should start out using it for a VERY short time to find out how long you need to leave it on without burning your skin. Don't apply it to the same area more than once a day just to be safe.

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Hi I am intrested in the magic shaving powder. How do you use it, and can you use it on upper lip, and does it remove hair completely.

many thanks

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The magic shaving power is mixed with water to form a paste and it is smeared on the area where hair is to be removed. It is only left on for 2-5 minutes and then rinsed away. When using it on my face I only leave it on for 2-3 minutes. On the bikini area closer to the 5 mins. The thing I like best is that the regrowth does not come in prickly and uncomfortable as it does with shaving.

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SueZ, I looked at the Magic Powder and it scared the bejeezums out of me... so many warnings about how to use it, that it doesn't stay on too long, etc. etc., it seemed like a major chemical risk to take on my face!

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My face is very sensitive - waxing usually leaves me with a slight burn. I have been quite satisfied with magic, the only time I got burned was when I did my eyebrows and didn't leave it on long enough the first time so I tried a second application - BAD idea. MSP is SO cheap, give it a try on a very small area leaving it on only a couple of minutes. This is a very old product and used by men daily for their beards.

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The other thing to think about the Magic powder is that it is actually used on the face...that's what it was made for.


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I am wondering if the Magic Powder may be similar to Nair or other dipilitories ... I get awful redness and irritation from any dipilitories so I'd be afraid to use it

As for Nads, its just as painful as waxing but I love that I can do it at home and wash it off if I'm in the middle and just can't take any more pain. Great for hard to see bikini/butt area. For me, worked better on longer corser hair, it didn't seem to stick to thin hair.

I've also noticed that it has a shelf life of about six months and never ever use it, or even open the jar on a humid day. It will turn cloudy and the consistency will be ruined.

I'd like to know if anyone who is sensitive to dipilitories has used this Magic Powder.

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If I'm not mistaken, I think that the active ingredient in the shaving powder is the same stuff that's in Nair and the other products - Calcium Thioglycolate.

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