Nylons and shoes for cream colored business suit

sameboatApril 4, 2009

I just purchased a beautiful cream-colored business suit. I just don't know what color shoe and nylon to wear. It's too early for white/cream shoes and dark nylons are out. I can't go without nylons and yet I read that women over 40 should not wear pantyhose unless they are black (oh NO!). So the suit sits in my closet. I used to have brown suede boots that I would have worn but there aren't any in the stores this time of year.

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By suit..is it a skirt suit or a pant suit? I would probably try to get some cream colored pumps that match and wear nude colored hose with it. It's not too early for cream colored shoes -- you can wear those year round. I'm pretty sure it's just plain white that you should stay away from. You could also try some tan shoes that are in the same color family but just a darker shade.

Theorectically you may even be able to pull off black if you accessorize correctly. Add a black necklace and purse, etc... It's hard without seeing the outfit. I'd probably try to stick with nude hose though especially for business.

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It's a skirt and matching suit jacket. Maybe I'll look for a camel brown color pump. Or even a spectator with cream and camel.

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Nude pantyhose would be ideal.

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