Is cider easy to make?

jollinessJanuary 7, 2002

We have our annual surplus of apples - only surplus because we never spray, and the kids won't touch the apples when they have codlin moth damage. (In MY day, we ate around the bad bits LOL!)

I am betting someone out there can tell me if making cider is easily done, or if it's such a hassle that it's not worth doing. Note, though, we don't buy cider anyway, so I'm not even certain homemade cider would be drunk.

Cider brewers, past and present, welcome to suggest what to do.

BTW -we only have one tree.

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The best cider in the whole world is just apples pressed....worms and all.
The resulting juice strained and poured into jugs.
When I was a kid ( in the dark ages!) actually when my kids were kids!....we could go to the orchard and literally get a paper cup of cider as it came out of the press...... has to be pasturized and that kills all the flavor.
A few years ago, you could find a small cider press at about every county auction.....sitting on the hayracks with the fly netting and the soapstone foot warmers...
If you can find a way to squash the apples....there's no trick at all to cider.
Linda C

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: - ) I'm gonna have a go!

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if you can buy or borrow a cider mill. that makes it pretty easy, it just grinds them up an dthen presses them out. If you have a way to grind them up, you can also use a wine press to press the juice out, you can get those at a brewing store.
After its pressed, we usually strain it with cheese cloth to get out all the gritty bits.
If it gets cold where you are, get an airlock or two from a brewing store and put on a couple jugs. let them sit awhile ina warmish place to ferment, then put them outside or in a deepfreeze for a while. Pour off and drink the part that doesn't freeze - its plent potent

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