How to Post a Photo-don't reply, so this will stay at the top

IdeefixeJuly 5, 2011

You'd think this forum would get an FAQ.

In order to post a photo, you need to use an internet photo hosting site, like Photobucket.

Once your photos are on the web at a host site, you can start a message on this site, then open your photo site and copy the HTML code for the photo you want, then move back to this site and press paste (or control + v).

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I think I know the answer to this question but before I get out the spray paint I thought I would ask - does this lamp have any value whatsoever? Should I proceed with my original plan when I purchased it? Also, what type of shade would you recommend? Any suggetions are appreciated! Thanks, Soonermom

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket

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What is it made of? The picture is very poorly lit...are those panels with pictures in or lithophanes?
Don't paint it until you take a better picture. should start a new thread, you posted to a thread that was supposed to stay at the top. Anyone looking at this forum to see if there any new subjects will have no idea that you have a question about a lamp.
Linda C

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