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lucy925April 25, 2006

Hi, I'm 63yrs. old and have hair down almost to my knees- its time for a haircut!, but what style?? My hair is string straight but still fairly thick. I have a very thin neck, I would like to hide but a in style mature enough for my age. Tricky huh? My hair for the last 13 yrs has been back in a braid. It has gotten lots of compliments but it is getting to much to handle with arthritic hands.

Thankyou for ANY suggestions?

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Hi Lucy,

I don't know what your personal style preferances are, but I'm thinking you've had long hair for a very long time.

My concern for you getting a cut is maintenance cuts as well as styling. If your style is wrong for your hair type it might be more work for you.

A bob might be just the ticket for you if you like that style. It works well with slick hair and will be much easier to wash and drying is easy. This might be a great transition style for you. It would be a good test to see how you do with a blow dryer. Another beauty of a bob is that if you leave enough length you can still put it up. It is a classic style that never goes out of style.

There are many vaiations of a bob. Some are layered some undercut, inverted or not. If you like this style find someone with a great looking one and ask them who cut it. It should be very easy to work with if it's cut right.

You could also go really short and make it simple, but I'd do something less drastic for a starting place.

Good luck, have fun!

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Hi Lucy: I'll bet your hair is beautiful! If you've had very long hair for a very long time, I think it would be very important for you to make a very gradual change and in stages. If you cut it all off at once and make a drastic change, you'll likely feel like a fish out of water and be full of regret. So first try cutting about a foot off, wear that until you feel like cutting another foot off. Then another few inches until you come to the lenghth you absolutely love (or don't cut any more). It's a terrific opportunity for you to have some fun with your hair and try a number of different styles until you find the one that suits you best and you feel most comfortable in. Bobs are nice but may draw attention to and emphasize your thinner neck. Your face shape and hair texture are also important too when considering your hairstyle. Perhaps a nice long, sexy layered cut would be flattering and something you'd feel comfortable in. Here are some links to some websites where you can see tons of different styles. The last one is where you can even scan your photo in and try on some styles!!! My co-worker did that and had a ball!;;;;; (to scan photo in and try on styles)

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Read the postings on haircuts. I'd like to know if anyone else has the problem I do;finding a stylist who actually gives you the type of permanent you asked for! I ask for a perm thats wavy or somewhat curly, NOT tight springy curls that look like you could scrub pots with.Guess what I usually get?? They just don't listen! Any stylists out ther who can shed light on this? Thanks for any advice.

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my aunt used to use a 2nd perm to relax one that was too tight:

mix it up, comb it through, & *immediately* apply the neutralizer & wash your hair *right then*.

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Some people don't hold a curl well on a large rod. As a hairdresser that was always a difficult choice. Do you put a smaller rod in to ensure a curl the customer would be happy with once it relaxes, or would that customer be happier with a looser curl to begin with, but one that might relax a little too much for them later.

I for one always opted for a looser curl and was willing to risk the relaxation (I took a great curl initially, but it always relaxed considerably). I found that I just couldn't stand the tight curl though.

I'd stay with the same hairdresser if you are happy otherwise and your hair feels nice. Ask them to use a larger rod. There are many sizes available.

In my area very few people are wearing perms. I've been retired for about 7 years, but I didn't even do a perm that last several years I worked. Some of the new hairdressers didn't feel comfortable with perms because they hadn't done a lot of them. A good question for a new salon/stylist if you will be getting them.

Good luck.

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Hi lucy,

I have to agree w/rosewest...I bet your hair is very nice, but you need to change in stages. If you do it all @ once i'm thinking you will be so uncomfortable with your looks. If you get it shorter with each cut...i think you'll fit right into it.

As far as the style of the cut...that's something between you & your hair stylist. i think it's going to be a fun journey for you...trying out all sorts of different style & lenghts!!

best wishes to you...


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