How Do You Find A Good Hairdresser

goldensmomApril 20, 2006

I am so fed up with my hairdresser. I have been going to her for 2 years and I never know what to expect when I walk out. Sometimes its great and other times its a mess but this last time broke the camel's back. I look at other people's haircut and ask them where they go but its always "I'm not from here" or in another town.

Are you happy with your hairdresser and if so how did you find her?

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I find her just the way you said...ask someone who has hair you like. Keep trying. Or you can just go potluck and keep trying people until you get lucky. The first way is better.

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I agree the best way is by finding someone with a great cut and asking them who did it. Make sure they have the same type hair as you too. Thick hair with lots of body won't look the same as someone with slick straight hair. It seems obvious, but sometimes people pick out styles that just aren't going to work well with their hair.

Some salons have ongoing training for stylists, or have apprenticeships for new people. While not always the case, you will most likely find a well trained stylist that is up to date with the newest styles in these shops.

If you haven't been happy for two years and don't know what to expect it's time to leave, but remember everyone including the best stylists have off days too.

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