Looking for buttery, toasty, oaky Chardonnay

LisaH_NYJanuary 24, 2002

Hello All,

I love wine. I love Chardonnay, I personally refer to it as Liquid Gold. I am always looking for a good heavy Chard and would like to know some of your favorites. My new love is Zin (not the pink stuff, yuck) I do not know of very many good brands in this category so would also like your inputs well. Thanks, Lisa

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Two of my favourite Chardonnays are 1997 Mer Soleil and the 1999 Landmark Overlook. Both are big buttery oaky Chardonnays, but with finesse.

We love big red wines from just about any country. Here are a few that I have at the moment. 1997 Chianti Classico Fontodi
1994 Ribera del Duero, Val Sotillo REservea from Bodegas Ismael Arroyo, 1995 Ribera del Duero, Hacienda Monasterio, and a number of the Riojas from Bodegas Muga

Shiraz from Australia , 1999 Draycott Shiraz from Burge Family Winemakers, 1999 Sharaz Henry's Drive, Padthaway.

1997 Siena from Ferrari-Carano, a great blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Malbec.

I could go on an on but I am getting thirsty.


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I enjoy Rutherford and Kendall Jackson Chardonnays for "oakiness". I usually won't touch anything pink or sweet but had some Berringer White Merlot last weekend with some friends and we all agreed it was absolutely delicious.

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Simi and Kendall Jackson are two of my favorites.

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i love wine. i love chardonnay. i would like to share this experinece with you. i recently delved into the depths of home brew (gasp exclamation oh no!!) wait: i ordered a home brew kit (getting bored fancied a natural change). addded ingredients to carboy: wow!! this thing fizzed bubbled and churned for days. i was already intoxicated just watching. after 14 days wine settled (at last) and cleared like glass. i am now very impressed. tried wine, tasted??? what the hell# very drinkable. waited anouther 14 days>>>> this wine is superb i am so impressed that i just had to share my experience. honestly if you want a great chardonnay exp. let me know. and i will share my supplier (canadian) with you. regards angela UK moroney

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We are big chard drinkers
Best is 2003 Kendall Jackson. We still have 20 bottles for special occasions
Also sebastiani Chard and Bogle is ok too

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