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brownthumbiaJanuary 16, 2007

I have noticed that some of the recipes (here and other sites) that contain alcohol are to be added to other ingredients that have been heated and are still hot. I always thought that heating alcohol took the 'punch' out of it by evaporation so it was non-alcoholic. Shoot!! this sounds kinda' confusing but hope you know what I mean. Have I been wrong about this all these years? Would appreciate any opinions on this. Thanks in advance. BT

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You'll lose a little bit of alcohol, but most likely not enough to make a difference to your beverage's taste or potancy. Alcohol (ethanol) boils at about 173 degrees. To give that a reference point, when you order your latte from Starbuck "extra hot" it comes to you at about 175 degrees.

Although water (and most mixers will be pretty close to this) boils at 212 degrees, adding the room temperature alcohol to even boiling liquid will cool the mixture's temperature so that you won't boil off too much alcohol. Most likely the other ingrediants won't be hot enough to boil anyway. Just be sure to remove from heat first and you should be fine.

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When you add alcohol to a drink, you aren't adding it for the alcohol but for the other flavorers in the cooze.
I have also seen studies showing just how long it takes to boil off the alcohol in wine and in brandy.
Ever have say Cherrys jubilee or bananas Foster? There ius lots of flavor from the liquors added.
Linda C

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