very unique kitchen cabinet knobs/pulls

deemarie5500July 23, 2010

I have 30 of these....they are round 1 1/2" kitchen cabinet knobs that are glass and "filled" with different grains and seeds.....rice, pumpkin seeds, barley, etc.

DH says he bought them in the 1980's for about $3 each.

Anyone ever see these or know where I can get more information or estimates on their worth?

Any help appreciated.



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Can't tell a thing without a picture..

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I know what she's talking about....but don't know where to buy them....have only seen them in people's kitchens.

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Thanks; I'll try to post pictures in a few days and I have more than a few minutes to myself on the computer!

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I bought some from Pier 1 (with spices in them) about thirty five years ago and used them in my pantry in my first house. But haven't seen any lately, but those were cheap even for the seventy's. I bet they were no more than .50 cents each. I wish I would of taken them, I meant to, but didn't.

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The pulls with seeds, do you still have them? are they for sale?

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