Fragrance of the Day 4/29

shaunApril 29, 2006

Hiris for me! Off and running - lots to do today.

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Hi Shaun...bye Shaun! You smell great today by the way.

I picked up the new Family Circle yesterday and I'm doing their "Walk Off 10 Pounds" program. Took Lucy the dog for a walk - plan on another walk this evening - and did some gardening. Making oatmeal and a pot of coffee for breakfast when we really want a stack of pancakes and slices of crispy bacon - Ha!

Will wear CSP Musc Alize today. I keep forgeting about this one. It's a soft floral-musc - kind of a nostalgia scent for me. My husband likes this one.

Have a good day all!

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Wearing incanto today....very lucious. Going to watch American Idol now!

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Piment Epicé by Artisan Parfumeur; spicier than I usually wear but it has an undertone of cedar that I liked when I tried a sniff at the counter.

I just finished my bottle of Les Nuits d'Hadryen yesterday. I'll get another at one point. Those are my splurges once in a while.

Spring Fever is still my regular scent. People complain when I don't wear it.

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Hi Shaun- By Shaun,,
Today it's Casual by Paul Sebastian for me.. always get compliments when I wear it.
The other day a friend of mine had on some strange fragrance and I thought she was eating Menthol coughdrops- but it was her perfume. Different strokes.

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Hi everyone!

Today I'm wearing Pink Jasmine. It's nice~

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I found out yesterday that they will discontinue my favorite scent, Spring Fever,
in october. I bought 4 bottles in a panic, lol.... I wonder what the shelf life of a cologne is. I would not want to buy a dozen bottles and have them go stale over time......

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If you keep the perfume in it's original box in a cool dark place, it should last a long long time.

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I emailed Origins and this is the response I got;

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your interest in

In response to your question, the shelf-life of our products is at least
three years from the date of manufacture, provided they are not exposed to
extremes of temperature. The only exceptions are mascara and self-tanners,
which should be replaced six months after opening, and nail lacquers, which
have a two-year shelf-life.

All of our products undergo rigorous stability testing, to ensure their
efficacy and quality during these periods. Because only products of recent
production are offered at our counters, we do not include expiration dates
on our products.

Once again, thank you for contacting us and for the opportunity to address
your concern. "

so I'll take a chance and stock up throughout the summer.

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Casual by Paul Sebastian for me too! This is my daytime, every day scent, and always get compliments.

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Casual by Paul Sebastian for me,too! My daughter wore it years ago, and I started wearing it...always get compliments on it. I have trouble finding it now, though. Tried several of the local department stores and they no longer carry it...ended up buying it online.

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Escada today.

I know it's been around a while, but I just *discovered* it and really like the way it smells on me.....


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I just got some miracle by lancome and it it's a little strong, but fresh smelling. like it.

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Cartier Delices for me today!

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